RGB LED technology enhances pushbuttons

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2006

RGB LED technology is now available from Arrow, with the introduction of the improved KP01 series of silent-actuation pushbuttons from NKK Nikkai. RGB LED technology brings even more flexibility to design engineers and will be particularly welcome in the audio-visual and broadcast sectors, says the company.

With high-quality LEDs for superior colour matching, the KP01 with RGB enables designers to create customised control panels with project-specific colours. The success of RGB illumination in NKK’s KP01 series lies in the quality of red, green and blue LEDs used in the packaging. The RGB LED option also allows for low power use and low heat solution.

Not only is the KP01 series available with RGB technology, but designers can also choose switches constructed with a red/green, built-in, bicolour LED, which provides bright illumination. An amber colour can be produced easily by simultaneous illumination of the red and green LEDs. The built-in LED frees engineers from having to source LEDs on their own and install them, or from having to assemble an LED into the base switch at all.

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