Pumps and pumping equipment manufacturing in Turkey

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Pumps industry production in Turkey began in the mid-1950s and the industry started to develop rapidly in the early 1960s. Small capacity pumps of all types were produced in Turkey. Modern irrigation pumps were first manufactured in 1970. As a result of climate change, energy saving technologies have gained great importance.

In Turkey, there are a few large sized companies which have specialized in the production of environmentally-friendly high-capacity modern irrigation pumps. Irrigation pumps are equipped with time, labor, water and energy saving technologies. Compared with old, traditional methods, irrigation with pumps does not consume large amounts of water.

Advanced production methods, such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) are being utilized successfully in the large sized enterprises. Production planning, quality control and tests are realized by means of modern methods in these enterprises. In addition, research and development work also contributes to the success recorded by these companies.

Despite the lack of water supplies in agricultural areas, modern irrigation and submersible pump technologies lead to a significant increase in agricultural productivity. In addition, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation techniques are being used widely in Turkey. These techniques require the least possible water supply, which is the driving force for the growth of the pumps sector.

Pumps production in Turkey is stimulated by public and private industrial investments and the availability of agricultural subsidies. This helped both the emergence of a strong pumps industry, and at the same time, made the sector highly exposed to the changes in macro-economic conditions. Turkish manufacturing industry and agricultural irrigation rely mainly on locally produced pumps and pumping equipment.

The Turkish pumps industry manufactures and exports various kinds of pumps including: pumps fitted with a measuring device for dispensing fuel in filling stations or in garages; pumps for other liquids fitted with a measuring device; hand pumps; fuel, lubricating or cooling medium pumps for internal combustion piston engines; concrete pumps; reciprocating positive displacement pumps; rotary positive displacement pumps; centrifugal pumps and parts of pumps for liquids, etc.
Main export destinations include Germany, Italy, the U.K, the U.S., the Netherlands, France and the Russian Federation.

According to POMSAD data, small and medium-sized companies dominate the Turkish pumps and compressors industry. There are approximately 135 manufacturing companies in the pumps sector. 10% of these companies are big players in the competitive global environment with their own brands.

They have optimum techno-economic capacity and rational production activities. The number of people employed in the sector is about 12 000. The manufacturing sites of the Turkish pumps and compressors industry are mainly located in the Marmara, Central Anatolian, and Aegean regions of Turkey. Istanbul, Konya and Izmir are the major cities in pumps, compressors and parts production.

In the following lines we present in alphabetic order some of the leading pumps and pumping equipment manufacturers in Turkey.

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