800 MW Combined-cycle gas power plant in Denizli, Turkey
The plant will run at full capacity throughout the yearRWE together with Turcas intends to build and operate a combined cycle gas power plant with an installed capacity of approximately 800 MW. The natural gas-fired combined-cycle power plant will be built in the Kaklik Municipality of the Honaz district in the Denizli province of Turkey. The 500 million Euro project broke ground in April 2011 and is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2012. It aims to meet ... more
ABB to control natural gas compressor station in Turkey
ABB will supply automation and safety systems, electrical equipment and related services for a new gas compression station that will serve the natural gas pipeline running across northern Turkey. The contract was awarded by Teknotes, the Turkish EPC subcontractor of engineering and construction firm Tecnicas Reunidas. The end customer is Botas, Turkey’s state owned petroleum pipeline corporation.The Erzincan Gas Compressor Station will be located in eastern Turkey and will consist of four turbine/compressor units with three units in operation and ... more
A new combined cycle gas unit in TPP-HP Novi Sad
A new combined cycle gas unit will be constructed at the existing TPP-HP Novi Sad location in the coming years. The unit is planned to produce up to 3,3 billion KWh of electrical energy annually, out of which 840 million KWh would be delivered to Novi Sad. Improvement of the existing technology of steam cycle unit in TPP-HP Novi Sad and introduction of a modern technology in regards to production of electrical and thermal energy in cogeneration, will provide primary ... more
Kolubara B lignite fired power plant in central Serbia
The EBRD is at the preliminary stage of considering the financing for the construction of the new 750 MW Kolubara B lignite fired power plant in central Serbia that would replace a number of obsolete power generation units in the country. As a signatory to the Energy Community Treaty, Serbia is committed to comply with EU environmental standards for the energy sector by the end of 2017.EPS, the Serbian state owned power utility, is actively working to rehabilitate and improve ... more
Metso to automate a combined-cycle power plant in Turkey
Metso has signed an agreement with AGE ENERJI Yatirimlari one of Turkey’s major energy companies, to automate a greenfield combined-cycle power plant in Denizli, Turkey. The 205.5 MW greenfield power plant fueled by natural gas is scheduled to start up by the end of 2012.Metso’s delivery scope consists of a high-tech Metso DNA automation system with which the power plant will be controlled. All communication, controllers and I/O modules are redundant to ensure high system availability. The Metso DNA user ... more
Capital overhaul worth EUR 3.5 million increases energy efficiency by 60 percentModernization of Steam Power Plant-Heating Plant (TE-TO) Zrenjanin, the second largest branch within the system of the business organization Panonske Termoelektrane-Toplane Novi Sad, Serbia is entering its final phase. Czech contractor Skoda Power is implementing the last phase of the modernization project - warranty measuring, of which aim is to officially confirm the results of the overhaul and modernization, people at TE-TO Zrenjanin stated. Upon the modernization, the capacity ... more
Implementation of continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) in Dalmacijacement, Croatia
Dalmacijacement d.d., of Kastel Sucurac, Croatia is part of the CEMEX consortium, one of the top building materials companies in the world. The company is the Croatian market leader in cement production, with three factories (plants): Sveti Juraj (Saint Juraj), Sveti Kajo (Saint Kajo) and Kolovoz.Project SummaryThe Republic of Croatia, in cooperation with The European Union, has recently introduced legislation for environmental protection through continuous emissions monitoring. Dalmacijacement d.d. set out, with assistance from ECCOS inzenjering, to bring all of ... more
Sentera Thracia is building new production facility in Bulgaria
CEO Mr. Jos Raskin presents the investment for South-East European INDUSTRIAL MarketDear Mr. Raskin, where is the location of the new production facility and what is the total surface area of the buildings?The new production facility of Sentera Thracia Ltd. is planned to be build in the village Voivodinovo, municipality Maritza, district Plovdiv, located on 4 km. distance from downtown. The building will include production and stock premises, located on the first floor with total area 2500 ì2, as well ... more
CDM projects in Serbia
Serbia offers very good investment opportunities in the area of environmental Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. According to the Italian Environment Ministry, it has the potential to generate carbon credits amounting to the equivalent of 20-25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year, 10 times as much as Albania or Montenegro.The CDM projects that have already been identified in terms of waste management involve equipping a landfill site for biogas recovery as well as trapping methane at stock farms ... more
Nokia’s Jucu Factory in Romania named Global Leading Green Building
The factory received the LEED Gold certificationNokia’s Jucu Factory in Romania has been granted certification as one of the world’s leading green buildings by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). USGBC certification is received by buildings that set new standards in the design and construction, and only the greenest and most energy efficient buildings in the world qualify for it. The Nokia Jucu factory is only one of the numerous buildings around the world that achieve the LEED Gold rating ... more
Izmit Domestic and Industrial Water Supply Project, Turkey
Izmit’s water supply in northern Turkey is the world’s largest privately financed water supply project and the country’s first water Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) contract. The Thames Water-managed system serves a population, currently at 600,000, which is expected to increase to 1.6m by the year 2020. Comprising a dam, a 480 million litres per day water treatment plant, pumping stations and 150km of pipeline, the project took ten years to complete, costing 530 million GBP. The project went into ... more
Porto Romano thermo-power plant, AlbaniaAlbanian energy has been heavily dependent on hydroelectric production. About 98% of the energy produced in the country is generated by hydro power plants. These are no longer able to meet the increased demand of electricity stimulated by the recent economic growth. Seasonal hydrological conditions and an outdated distribution system have aggravated the situation, and Albania has been facing frequent power cuts. As the way out of the current energy crisis, the Albanian government has been ... more
Solar Systems in Dairy Industry
Four Successful Applications in GreeceGreece is one of the most successful countries worldwide in the use of solar thermal energy. For many years, the number of installed parks of solar collectors per person has been the highest within Europe. Solar collectors proved their efficiency not only in the residential filed, but also in the light industries those require the use of low-temperature water. These are industries, which have relatively low energy consumption and the energy derived from solar systems substitutes ... more
Automated system in cement plant Holcim Serbia
As the specialists say, the Cement will be the main building material during the whole XXI Century. It is the reason, that the Cement Plants need a lot of reconstructions, automation and innovations for all processes and departments. The Cement plants are separated into highly independent sub-processes (departments) and it reflects in the design and layout of the process control system. In the same way, automation system of cement plants are divided to separate control systems for each department. At ... more
Project of EMKO ELEKTRONIK A.S in Valeo
System based on ESM XX50 series process control devices of the Turkish manufacturer EMKO ELEKTRONIK A.S is implemented in a plant of Valeo in Turkey. Valeo is international industry group with headquarter in France. Valeo is fully focused on the design, production and sales of components, systems and modules for cars and trucks. "Valeo begins to look for new devices which mounted on ovens that uses for heating the metal products because their old devices were broken. The professionals choose ... more

LATEST issue 4/2021

issue 4-2021



Environmental industry met at IFAT Eurasia 2021 in Istanbul

Environmental industry met at IFAT Eurasia 2021 in Istanbul

This year, there was a special focus on combating the impending environmental disaster in the Sea of Marmara, where algae slime blankets on a historic scale have formed over the ... more
The die casting sector to gather at EUROGUSS 2022

The die casting sector to gather at EUROGUSS 2022

Machinery and equipment, processes, toolmaking and mould fabrication, foundries and associated technologies will be showcased in the four halls ... more
30th edition of Plast Eurasia to be held in December

30th edition of Plast Eurasia to be held in December

Exhibitors at the fair will have the opportunity to expand their business network and customer portfolio and gain access to new markets by meeting decision makers from the Balkans, Eastern and Western Europe, Western and Central Asia, Middle ... more