Project of EMKO ELEKTRONIK A.S in Valeo

ProjectsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2005

System based on ESM XX50 series process control devices of the Turkish manufacturer EMKO ELEKTRONIK A.S is implemented in a plant of Valeo in Turkey. Valeo is international industry group with headquarter in France. Valeo is fully focused on the design, production and sales of components, systems and modules for cars and trucks. "Valeo begins to look for new devices which mounted on ovens that uses for heating the metal products because their old devices were broken. The professionals choose our ESM XX50 series process control devices. Their criterias on these applications were prices, functionality, local manufacturer and Modular system (which means you can use same device in different applications)", said Mr. Cihan Cakir and Mr. Nazim Demirel, Sales Representatives in EMKO ELEKTRONIK A.S. "Since 2003 they use our devices, on the ovens for controlling and preventing the ovens against to over shot of the temperature. Our company have not been doing automation projects. We manufacture control devices and the devices are applied on their automation projects by their technicians", said additionally Mr. Cakir and Mr. Demirel.

Smart Recognition Modular System Process Controllers

ESM-xx50 series process controllers are flexible for new process necessities, the smart recognition modular system offers a lot of opportunities for high-end process control applications. Standard device has one standard relay output and 2 empty module sockets, user can add secondary sensor input, relay output, digital input, analogue input/output, ssr driver output, CT input modules according to process necessities. Among characteristics of the products are automatic adaptation - device recognizes automatically all function modules and module parameters, and optimal device cost and standardization - customer can change the device options by using modules and with low costs also all functions can be got only one device series.

Device Futures and Explanations 

ESM-xx50 series process controllers of EMKO ELEKTRONIK A.S are very innovative, flexible and reliable controllers. The smart recognition modular system offers a lot of opportunities for high-end process control applications. 

  • Available sizes for ESM-xx50 series Process Controllers with smart recognition modular system - ESM-4450: 48x48mm (DIN1/16) panel dimension, ESM-7750: 72x72mm (DIN1/8) panel dimension, ESM-9950: 96x96mm (DIN1/4) panel dimension, ESM-9450: 48x96mm (DIN1/8) panel dimension, Vertical and ESM-4950: 96x48mm (DIN1/8) panel dimension, Horizontal.
  • Available I/O Modules for ESM-xx50 series - EMO-X00: Relay output module (5A/250VAC); EMO-X10: SSR driver output module (15-18 VDC / 50mA); EMO-X20: Transistor output module (24VDC / 100mA); EMO-X30: 0/4...20mA current output module; EMI-X00: Digital logic input module (5-30VDC); EMI-X10: 0/4 ...20mA current input module; EMI-X20: 0...5A AC CT Input Module; EMI-X30: Thermocouple input module for secondary temperature measurement; EMI-X40: Pt-100 Sensor input module for secondary temperature measurement; EMC-X00: RS232 Serial Communication Module and EMC-X10 : RS485 Serial Communication Module. The technical specifications in general for ESM-xx50: universal input power supply, configurable sensor input for Pt-100, L, J, K, R, S, T and N tipi thermocouple, mA, mV and V inputs. ON-OFF, P, PI, PD and PID control forms with AutoTune and Selftune. 2x4 digits LED Display for PV and SV. Standard one relay output. Optional two modules (EMO-xxx, EMI-xxx) can be installed in the device. Standard RS232 or  optional RS485 MODBUS serial interface.