Programmable logic controllers made in Bulgaria

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The country is a traditional PLC manufacturer

The market of programmable logic controllers (PLC) in Bulgaria offers a wide range of brands and models. Despite of the relatively restricted size of the market of automation equipment, the leading European and worldwide companies, specialized in automation and control equipment, incl. PLCs are well presented. Big number (comparing to the market size) of world-wide manucturers have established their distribution or representative offices or operate through sales agents in Bulgaria: ABB, Siemens, OMRON, Rockwell, Mitsubishi Electric, Moeller, Schneider Electric, GE, etc. Along with these companies, good market position in the local market has a small number of Bulgarian producers.

A great part of the Bulgarian companies, specialized in development and manufacturing of programmable logic controllers have traditionally strong market acceptance. They were founded shortly after the economical and political changes in 1989. Besides PLC manufacturing, most of the Bulgarian producers develop also other devices and systems for automation, engineering solutions, and distribute foreign producers product.

In Bulgaria are produced mainly small (up to 128 I/O) and middle range (from 128 up to 1024 I/O) PLCs. The export orientation of the producers is explained not just by the economical situation in the country in the years of transition, but also with the ambition of the Bulgarian producers to extend their markets. Using the mediation of local companies, the Bulgarian PLCs have been sold in the countries from Asia, South-Eastern and Western Europe, others. The big market advantage of the PLCs produced in Bulgaria is their attractive price, very good technical level and the compliance to IEC 1131-3 standard of the most of the models being exported.

Among the basic players on the PLC market in Bulgaria are producers as Comicon, Industrial Software, Vema Design, Ring Engineering and Automation Systems. Here is information about the new models PLC produced in Bulgaria by:

Isomatic Complect: PLC MC4

is a programmable logic controller for machines and equipment with medium level of complexity. It is programmed easily via a PC using high-level programming language or directly from the module using the keyboard and the LCD display. Depending on the type of LCD display there are two modifications - one with 6 x 2 alphanumeric display and one with 20 x 4 display. MC4 can be equipped with a substantial range of analogue and digital peripheral devices. The integrated PID regulators make it especially suitable for control of extruders, etc.

MC4 has excellent communication capabilities, which allow its integration in a network of controllers and operator’s stations, and connection to modems or radio modems for remote control of machines and equipment.

Comicon: PLC DP 03

is a low power programmable logic controller with technical characteristics: Power saving mode of operation - Sleep Mode; 2MB memory FLASH for data, function Data Logger; Serial interfaces - RS485 (RS232) - for PLC network and computer, RS485 - for DIOS network, RS232 - for modem (radio-modem), RS232 - for computer; Communication protocols - Modbus, Comiconbus, DIOSbus. PLC has specialised functions for - measurement, archiving anddata transmission according to a time - schedule; management of external loads feeding, accumulators, solar panel and accumulator charge. Other technical characteristics are built-in I/O: 8 AI (14 bits); 3 AI (12 bits); 10 DI; 16 DO; power consumption at 12 VDC from externalpower supply - up to 0.5 mA in ‘sleep mode’ and 30 mA in working mode and working temperature range: - 25°C to +70°C.

Industrial Software: PLC KID Neuro

is a scalable PLC with 10 mS full program cycle, up to 96 I/O, LonWorks/CANopen interface, RS232, 2 fast count inputs, real-time clock, watchdog output and up to 1200 elements ofprogram memory, stored in FLASH. A wide range of local I/Os is available - 24 VDC I/O, 220/110 VAC I/O, DRY outputs, analog inputs, configurable for TC, Pt 100/500/1000, 0-20/4-20mA, analog outputs 0-20/4-20mA. The programming of PLC KID Neuros is accomplished by KIDGRAF - a software product designed by Industrial Software Features. Other technical characteristics - communications LonWorks, CANopen, RS232/RS485; modular construction, up to 96 local I/O, scan cycle of the user program (reaction time) - typically from 3 ms up to 10 ms; IEC 61131 programming, еlectromagnetic compatibility - IEC 61131-2, fast (interrupt) program (50 micro seconds reaction) - 500 bytes (about a 60 steps), fully galvanic isolated, protection IP 20.

Ring Engineering: KOLOS PLC

is an automation device designed for small to mid range applications. Its benefits include - modular construction, auto-configurable with self-recognize mechanism, quick troubleshootingvia indication for module health, self-diagnostic on each program scan circle, mechanical keying between the module and I/O connector, screwless connectors for I/O modules, opto-isolated inputs and outputs, maximum 224 digital and/or 80 analog input/output point. The main areas of application includes: information and management systems, machines for chemical and food industries, machines for textile industries, automation of packing machines.


is an industrial PC. IPC AS758 is backed by system of modules to industrial standards featuring PC compatibility and PLC functionality. Technical characteristics: IPC Busboards - 8 slots,12 slots, 20 slots. The modules are then connected via the standard ISA PC bus; IPC CPU -Processor IPC@CHIP SC12. High performance, 80186-compatible, single chip PC with Ethernet 10 Base-T. RAM 128 kB nonvolatile with RTC, interfaces RS 232/RS 485 and RS 485; Digital input and output modules - maximum of 288 I/Os, depending on the busboard type. Range of optoisolated I/O modules offers: 16 I + LED; 16 O + LED; 16 I / 16 O + LED; Analoginput and output modules; Counter module - optoisolated 6 channels, Flash module - 32 MB; IPC display and LCD operating devices.

Vema Design: VPC 3224 / VPC 1812

is a serie programmable controllers with 32/18 optoisolated input lines NPN 24VDC/10mA; 24/12 optoisolated output lines 24VDC/2A max; interface for remote programming - RS 232 C; MS Windows programming environment VPC Host Interface with mnemonic instructions or ladder diagrams; inbuilt console with keyboard and LCD display; non-volatile program memory for 2048 lines; dimensions: 245x115x80 mm/210x110x80 mm and voltage supply: 220 VAC, 48-62 Hz.