LightingIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2018 • 23.11.2018

Pedas Electricity Industry and Trade INC was founded in 1979. Staying up to date with industry standards, the establishment is built on 11 000 square meters. The Pedas family consists of a lot of qualified engineers, designers and technical staff, who have proved to be very successful in manufacturing, design consultancy, R&D activities and marketing strategies. The company exports high-quality industry type florescent, high pressure ballasts luminaries and industry class luminaries’ glasses to 45 different countries around the world.

“We enjoy the rightful pride of having a deep rooted past in lighting industry. We aim to combine our broad experience with innovative vision to be leading company in the sector. Pedas is a member of a family that is consisted of suppliers, workers, customers, and share-holders. It is our job to bring happiness for all members of this family,” explains Pedas on its website.

The main company vision is to being a leader in the lighting industry’s first 3 companies in Turkey, to be a company that has made its name in the international market for exports, to produce variety, quality, dynamism and efficiency by being a company that makes a difference, and to be a company that directs the sector with innovative products.

“Our employees, our suppliers, our customers and all other stakeholders ensure the unconditional customer satisfaction. We create value by continuously improving our quality,” states the company website, describing their mission vision.