Paradise Electric Consult presented

Electronics NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2011

Bulgarian company Paradise Electric Consult recently presented new solution for earthing systems. "Zeus is artificial soil which has been developed as a result of in-depth research and in response to an urgent necessity to obtain a product, which improves the efficacy of the earthing system in an effective and permanent way. It allows the physical-chemistry treatment of the soil around the electrode, and that guarantees a significant increase of its conductivity. It is advisable that the product is used for soils with increased earth resistivity and in soils with low conductivity like gravel, sand and stones. It can be used in any climatic condition and for any kind of earthing systems or excavation", commented from the company.
"Its main characteristic is low earth resistance - after moisturizing it keeps earth resistivity very low, this means improvement of the resistance of the earthing system for soils with increased earth resistivity. Besides, its specific conductivity is 46.7 ± 2.3 mS/m); Anti-corrosion (ðÍ is 10.70 ± 0.01; this guarantees minimum corrosion of the earthing system electrodes and conductors), Moisture retention (due to its quality to absorb water, the soil is an excellent hydroscopic material. That soil is automatically moisturized even in sandy terrains with average rainfall lower than 40 l/ m2)".