PACS Solutions, Iskren Gornishkey: We apply an individual approach to each client and industry to offer the most efficient solution

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We apply an individual approach to each client and industry to offer the most efficient solution


Iskren Gornishkey, founder and owner of PACS Solutions, for South-East European Industrial Market Magazine


Tell us more about PACS Solutions - what is the meaning behind the company name and what experience do you rely on?

PACS stands for Process Automation and Control Systems. We are a Bulgarian company, registered in 2022. Our core employees have in-depth professional knowledge and valuable expertise in the field of industrial automation, gained over the past 15+ years working in established international companies that are leaders in this segment.


What is the main focus of your business? Which global brands and manufacturers find a place in your partner and customer portfolio?

We design and implement complete solutions, including systems for monitoring, control, and management of continuous processes in the production of consumer packaged goods (CPG) and their connection in ERP platforms for resource planning through manufacturing execution systems (MES).

We strive to focus precisely on complete solutions so we can guarantee our clients greater sustainability of their production, lower costs and, accordingly, higher profit. Our approach to each particular industry and client is strictly individual in order to offer the most effective solution.

We work with companies from various manufacturing segments, including the food and beverage sector, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, etc. Among our clients are many large international corporations, including Carlsberg, Heineken, ABInBev, Enviral, ECKES Granini, Diageo, etc.

Our team has built long-term strategic partnerships with leading global manufacturers, such as ProLeiT, Stratus Technologies, ADS-TEC IIT, Adeco and Siemens, whose products and services we actively integrate into the complex technological solutions we develop for our customers.


What competitive advantages do businesses benefit from when they choose PACS Solutions as their partner? Which are the key strengths of the company?

If I had to answer as concisely and clearly as possible, I would say - great practical experience, specialized technological know-how, flexible approach to tasks, and partner relationships with clients. All this helps us to create and put into operation the best possible solutions, tailored to the client´s needs, and ensuring maximum efficiency at a reasonable and competitive price.

We are currently concentrating not only on offering process automation tools and the corresponding control systems, but also on integrating them with each other and implementing innovations in all stages of the production process - from the supply of raw materials and stock all the way to the end customers.

Through constant communication with the main types of systems used in practice, such as MES, ERP (SAP/MS Dynamics), HMI, etc., our solutions give owners and responsible managers a complete picture of all production phases and operations. They reliably predict and control product quality, enforce best manufacturing practices and ensure full traceability in compliance with regulatory requirements.

There is an interesting expression in the English language: "You can´t see the forest for the trees". Well, we do just the opposite - we provide owners and managers with a detailed view of the "forest" and everything in it from different angles, instead of just snapshots of individual trees.


What are the priority goals in your future business development strategy? What comes next for the company in 2024?

This year and the next one we will certainly continue to devote more time and resources to the Bulgarian market. Domestic manufacturers definitely need to drastically improve the efficiency of technological operations in view of all the contemporary challenges. We believe that we are the exact partner that Bulgarian enterprises need in this field.
We are in the initial stages of a number of extremely interesting projects that we are implementing in production plants all over the world - from China through Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe, and all the way to North America.