Our advantage is in combination of design, quality and price

InterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2006

Radosav Milenkovic, General Manager of METALKA MAJUR

Would you introduce METALKA MAJUR to our readers as history, market share, production capacity, etc.?

METALKA MAJUR is a private owned company from Serbia, established in 1986. In the first five years of existence, METALKA MAJUR produced special tools for mechanical industry. In 1991, production of electrical installation supplies started, and today our company is leader in production and sales of switches and sockets in Serbia and Montenegro, as well as in Macedonia. In Serbia and Montenegro, METALKA MAJUR has market share of 34%, and is absolute market leader. With 250 employees and modern production technology, our capacity is much bigger, which means that main goal is to spread sales in other European markets. In past three years, we entered many new markets in the region of Southeastern Europe - all markets of ex Yugoslavia (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Hungary, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.

What is the production range specialization of the company?

Our main product range are switches and socket-outlets for low-voltage systems, mostly for homes and offices. In our portfolio, there are various product ranges of switches and socket-outlets with diferrent design and price level - "Premier Plus", "Status", "Royal", "Set Q OG" and "Apolo OG". Besides, METALKA MAJUR produces additional products from electrical installation supplies ranges - portable socket-outlets, distribution boards and boxes, electrical supplies, etc.

If you have to define three of the main advantages of products with METALKA MAJUR’s brand what would they be?

We are giving our best to produce articles with the best combination of design, quality and price. Those three aspects, including variety of products, offered in different colours, packaging and marketing support are our main competitive strengths for our numerous competitors in Europe. If we have to choose only one main advantage of our products, it will be our design, because METALKA MAJUR tries to develop technical products which will also be important decorative part of our living and working interiors. Therefore we consider our products most significant by their design.

Do you think that the necessary premises for successful business in the region of Southeastern Europe are present?

Yes, they are. We have all necessary quality sertificates (ISO 9001, IQ Net, CB, VDE, S, N, FI, D, etc.), experience and know-how in our field, good variety of products and combination of price, quality and design, as well as professional and experienced employees. After taking part in more than 30 trade fairs abroad in last three years, we also have good knowledge of markets and competition in our region. Free-trade agreements in the region, as well as customs fees are now positive and allow us to have fair competitive position on markets abroad.

What is your business structure in the region and which of the countries in Southeastern Europe you rely on as one with the best business perspectives for METALKA MAJUR?

METALKA MAJUR is spreading its activities in region of Southeastern Europe together with its distributors – wholesalers of electrical installation products. We have exclusive distributor(s) in each country in the region and they are our main support. We see our chance to increase our sales in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, because we have strong partners there, and because of many similarities with Serbian market we are used to, and where we are absolute leaders. On the other hand, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece have much bigger capacities and we seriously count on our growth at those markets this year. Every market have some specific characteristics and needs special approach in order to increase sales and market share. If we have to mark only one market in the region, we think that Romania has the biggest potential for our products, due to its size, number of inhabitants, construction works, present competition and other important factors.

What, by your opinion, should a manufacturing company of Southeastern Europe count on in order to be competitive in the region and worldwide?

Countries from Southeastern Europe have many historical, cultural, social, even language similarities, and that is the first advantage in doing a business in the region. If a company from the region plans to go worldwide, situation is much harder. METALKA MAJUR tries to keep on with the novelties in its filed - from production equipment, new technologies and technical solutions, product portfolio, to marketing approach and advertising plans. It is necessary to follow the leaders in your field and to improve all aspects of your business every day if you want to stay competitive.

Are you currently looking for new markets outside the region and where?

We are trying to start distribution of METALKA MAJUR’s products in Russia and European Union countries. First new exporting markets will be Russia and Norway, where sales will start in the next two or three months. Our company will also exhibit at "Light+Building" fair in Frankfurt in April, and we expect to find clients for other European markets there. New markets will additionally contribute to further growth of METALKA MAJUR and fulfilling of one of our main goals: establishing our company as a leader in production of switches and socket-outlets in Southeastern region.

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