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A reasonable energy saving beside efficiency operation has been achieved by using Omron-Yaskawa drivers in Marmara Eregli and Mersin terminals.

Opet was found in 1992. Opet’s main facilities are retail dealer, commercial and industrial oils, lube oil and transportation. Opet has focused on infrastructural investments that deliver quite competitive advantages after being merged by KOC Holding.

98 octane gas oil has been imported first time in Turkey and Ultra Euro diesel oil served before Europe by Opet who is undersigning many first ideas since their foundation.

We visited Marmara Eregli terminal, the newest terminal settled on 220.000 square meter area. 480.000 m3 current capacity will be enhanced up to 730.000 m3 with in the next years.

Increased capacity brings more power consumption and plant administration has planned to use Invertors for energy saving purpose on pumping stations and applied on Mersin terminal for the first time at 2006.

The first experiments are performed to avoid the pressure imbalance during on-off on pumping stations which is driven by direct star-triangle connection. Soft start/stop of the pumps delivered a reliable and efficient operation while providing a reasonable energy saving. After the first results, inverter usage was spread by applying on the rest of the pump stations.

Yasar Acaroglu, Terminal Manager of Mersin Plant has reported that “Inrush current which comes together by direct startriangle connection also was reducing the lifespan of the asynchronous motors” and also adds that “20% energy saving achieved by using Omron-Yaskawa E7 series inverters on 14 pumps which investment return-back period is around 4-5 months”

Turhan Gokturk, Opet investments chief electrical manager says that they are quite pleased by solving their problems which comes trough many years. He is especially pointing on soft start/stop procedure beside the energy saving advantages.

E7 series Omron-Yaskawa invertors are chosen by PLC Engineering Co. –Omron Local Mechatronic Center- for product quality and quick, efficient technical support features of Omron. PLC Engineering Co. provides comprehensive automation systems for new investments and revising of old plants of OPET by Omron product family.

Omron-Yaskawa E7 series invertors have been designed for fan and pump applications operating with V/f control algorithm where variable torque requirements are in need.

E7 Series invertors supports up to 120% of the nominal current per minute, besides that energy saving algorithm which supports up 20% energy saving possibility makes it unique among the competitive products.

With an optional phase-shifting input transformer, the E7 dual-diode bridge can be operated in 12-pulse rectification mode, reducing input-current harmonic distortion.

E7 series invertors are installed on fire pump stations in the first step, for the next applications the retail pumps will be fitted by Omron-Yaskawa invertors. By this application it is going to be possible to fill up the tankers with two pumps instead of four while having an efficient/reliable operation besides energy saving feature.

IP54 protection class invertors for outdoor applications are covered by wide range product family of E7 series. E7 provides a silent operation and optional variety of communication modules – Profibus, DeviceNet, RS422- makes it possible to connect E7 invertors within the existing bus structure.

3 pieces 220 kW and 2 pieces 300 kW E7 series invertors operates when the tank pressure goes down to 8,5kg/cm3 for supplying enough pressure on the fire pipelines.

They have started to upgrade the plant by the fire pump stations to avoid high inrush currents which comes by the high powered motors of fire pump stations.

The plant has an automation system of one IPC and 3 PLCs. Two slave Omron CJ1M PLCs send information to Master PLC over Controller Link bus with 450m long.

Also the master PLC sends the commands of the Cx-Supervisor SCADA software which runs on a Dyalox IPC to the both slave PLCs.

Easy-to-use and flexible CX-Supervisor SCADA software also supports; OPC, ActiveX, alarm, animation, receipt, Database and offers a powerful interface including wide graphic library. When the mentioned SCADA system activated fully, the whole plant process could be monitored and control commands could be send for manual over handling.

“We are pleased to use Omron-Yaskawa E7 series invertors since 2006 starting with Mersin Plants revision” says Yasar Acaroglu, and finishes his speech by “thereby we had a system of cost reductive, effective and problem-free” and thanks to PLC Engineering Co. For their right choice of Omron products.

Reporter : Taner Paca / Motion & Drive Product Engineer, OEE-TR

Editor: Esra Ilter / MARCOM

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