Online information and discussion platform covers the future of electronics production

Electronics NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2010

The SIPLACE team is offering a new Internet-based information and discussion platform about the future of electronics manufacturing. Starting in early April, the BTO (Build-to-Order) column on will cover order-oriented manufacturing in great detail. At a single Website, interested electronics manufacturers will find lots of interesting information about practice-oriented concepts, tools, methods and best practices related to BTO. New articles written by experts from various industries, science and industry media will be published in regular intervals to promote lively discussions about the capabilities of BTO manufacturing in the electronics industry. Questions and discussions with experts will play a particularly important role.
“The recent economic crisis has shown us that the electronics industry needs new, more flexible concepts that enable manufacturers to easily adapt to changes in demand. A demand-oriented production system that is perfectly synchronized from ordering to shipping carries huge potential. As the industry’s technology and innovation leader, the SIPLACE team carries a special responsibility in this field. Since the placement machine is the piece of equipment that consumes the most and the most expensive materials in the entire SMT value chain, it also offers the greatest potential for savings. With its new BTO information and discussion platform, SIPLACE wants to advance the dialog about successful concepts, share existing knowledge with our customers, and provide interested parties with easier access to information about ‘breathing’ electronics production. Just like with BTO production, one manufacturer cannot do it all. That’s why the new platform will not only offer a place to network, but promote the dialog about this important issue with a large variety of authors and topics,” says SIPLACE product manager Sebastian Weckel.