One stop shop for industrial automation

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One stop shop for industrial automation
One stop shop for industrial automation
One stop shop for industrial automation
One stop shop for industrial automation
One stop shop for industrial automation


Here you will find a wide range of engineering services integrated in a single partner:
PD – product development
QA – quality assurance
DFM – design for manufacturing
DFA – design for assembly
DFAA – design for automated assembly
BTP – build to print services


High-end automation focused on safety and reliability

Working with high-end customers demands a different mindset. Deliver more with less without compromising the safety and reliability is a common trend worldwide. A decade ago, an OEE 80% was a norm. Now it is unthinkable to target anything below 95%. This puts additional pressure not only on the technical part of the projects but also on the soft skills of the team members. And now everyone is a small part of the big picture called “Globalization”. Shorter supply chains and faster release are the game changers even in machine building and automation.


Driven by necessity

For a decade PLACAD has been delivering a wide variety of custom-made assembly and process equipment to the industrial market.

With hundreds of projects, from PCB handling equipment, tools, jigs and fixtures, to EOL testers and quality assuring equipment, through injection molds and dies, up to high-end process and assembly equipment, we have faced a common obstacle to all our projects – there was no reliable supplier for feeding equipment at the local market.

Driven by necessity, we had to develop a completely new level of service to the automation and assembly part of the product life cycle. Thereforе we have started building our own feeding equipment. Project after project our vibratory bowls and rail feeders got more and more complex adding singulators and escapements. Eventually our projects became so demanding that we had to rely on someone with enough expertise in the drive units and controls.


Someone must feed the robot

There are two words describing the manufacturing trends for the next 20 years:

  • AI
  • Robots / Cobots

Yet someone must feed the robots.

This special responsibility is given to the feeding equipment and the major role there plays the vibratory feeding equipment.


The digital epoch by RNA

When feeding demand is 0.2 seconds per part, there are not many options left but seeking support from the best. And the best have the responsibility to deliver to the market.
Shorter lead times, higher availability and more safety with simulation & AI. We use software and artificial intelligence for the planning, design, simulation and commissioning of your feeding system. This enables us to transform your feeding system into the digital world and map a comprehensive digital twin. And that’s before we even hold your workpiece in our hands!


Leading the market

Industries & References:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Technology
  • Electrical Industry
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Consumer goods
  • Joining technology, furniture and screw industry

RNA’s product range is tailored to the requirements of all industries: from oily environments in the screw industry to clean room conditions in the pharmaceutical industry. RNA feeders meet all the specific requirements of each industry and give our customers the competitive edge with their own equipment. Our technical experts and our service ensure that our plants provide their service reliably and economically for many years.


Regional expansion

Since 1st of June 2024, PLACAD is officially a sales partner of RNA for South-East Europe.

This cooperation enables many industries and machine builders to look into the future and start dreaming big.

Together PLACAD and RNA will provide best in class product for feeding components or a complete system.



Together with Deutsche Standards, the Zeit publishing group has honored the best industrial companies in Germany in the book Best of German Industry – World Market Leaders and Hidden Champions.

From a selection of over 1,000 companies, 50 companies were chosen as the best industrial companies in Germany.

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