Novatech, SEEIM - issue 1, 2011


Toroidal transformers from Novatech

The company Novatech Ltd. produces toroidal transformers via completely closed cycle.

Orders are carried out with different power and size on client’s request. German and Japanese machines are used to enable batch production with perfect quality in compliance with all requirements. The advantages of toroidal transformers in comparison with other types of transformers which are marketed are: small size with high capacity, flexibility in size, low losses when operating without load, weak magnetic field and low temperature. They are used in telecommunication products, industrial and audio systems, medical appliances, data transmission, computers, lighting, etc. There are also ready power supplies for LAN networks, as well as any other on customer request.


Toroidal transformers are produced with flexible color leads with a length of 30 cm. Assembly is accomplished in two ways: with a metal cap and two rubber discs or with epoxy resin that is embedded in the metal bushing, threaded M8. Toroidal transformers can be produced with built-in thermal protection made in Germany, which is renewable and has warranty 10 000 cycles under load.


Toroidal transformers may be of a size other than standard, mounted on metal plates with different design and size depending on the application.

Leads can be brought out to different types of terminals and connectors.

There is a possibility for complete filling of toroidal transformers with epoxy resin.


Power supply includes:

- plastic or metal box made by laser cutting or CNC punch;

- inlet and outlet nozzles;

- resettable thermal fuse with 10 000 cycles under load; 10 VA to 2500 VA. Warranty 24 months.

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