MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2014

3S Pump and Booster manufactures pump and booster systems widely used for supplying water in areas such as irrigation, sprinks, water supply, water treatment, industrial processes, ship industry, intelligent building systems, heating - cooling plants, fire fighting plants, booster systems, circulation, high pressure water supply and public buildings.

3S Pump is a brand name being demanded by customers with its high quality and wide choice of products. The product groups include single stage volute casing centrifugal pumps, single stage monoblock centrifugal pumps, double (split case) pumps, thermal - oil pumps with air cooled, horizontal multi stage centrifugal pumps, vertical multi stage centrifugal pumps, fire extinguishing pumps. 3S Pump exports its products to Far Eastern countries and Turkish Republics in Asia.

"3S Pump keeps moving the water by the New Generation Package Boosters and Frequency controlled Boosters which work silently, highly efficient, maximum energy saving, highly protective, long lasting and minimum operating costs.

The company provides exact solutions in fire fighting by system - based - delivery of hydrant, fire cabinet and sprinks which comply NFPA 20 Fire Boosters Systems having suitable jockey pump integration, automatic testing, sound - light alarming, communication with automation center, control panel and armature fittings.

3S Pump targets growth by never giving up the principles of quality and reliability. 3S Pump will continue exist in the sector as an alternative institution by providing its clients with the required quality and service and the pricing advantage", the company said.