Bulgaria`s Alcomet commissions new aluminium profile processing facility
The new facility, which spans across 4100 m2 and currently employs 30 people, will enable Alcomet to produce aluminium electric vehicle components ... more
Bulgarian EV manufacturer Sin Cars to start mass production of light e-trucks
The innovative L CITY model features built-in photovoltaic panels, which recover up to 20% of the battery capacity on a sunny day, so that the electric truck can run 250 – 300 km ... more
Albania announces invitation to tender for the design of cargo port in Durres
All commercial activities of the port of Durres are to be relocated to the new port, leaving only the passenger terminal in operation, the port authority said in a tender notice published by Albania`s procurement agency ... more
Swiss company plans construction of transformer plant in Serbia
In April, Serbia`s government signed a EUR 62,2 million agreement with Stadler for the delivery of three high-speed trains, to be used on the Belgrade-Novi Sad railway line, which is being built by Russian and Chinese contractors ... more
RiTE Ugljevik and China`s BNBM reached final agreement on plasterboard factory
According to the plan, the factory will be built on an area of 12,5 hectares at an area adjacent to the company`s coal mine and power plant in Ugljevik and will employ about 100 people ... more
HSE to commence construction of largest solar plant in Slovenia
Nenad Trkulja, the head of the project, added that the HSE would revive electricity production in the area, but in a environmentally-friendly way, without greenhouse gas emissions ... more
Huawei considers new regional logistics hub in Slovenia
Huawei already transports about 185 000 cubic metres of cargo from China to Hungary and to other European markets through Luka Koper ... more
TUSIAD recommends Türkiye focuses on green, digital transformation
Kaslowski said companies should include more sustainable and climate-friendly production patterns in their processes to maximize resource and energy efficiency potential ... more
Romanian robot kills coronavirus with UV light
Thanks to an advisory project backed by the EBRD and the European Union, robot assembly now takes Modulab, the innovative manufacturer, only one day compared to almost 14 days initially. It has been experimenting with advanced technology for over 15 years, and more than 60 unique prototypes have come to life in the company’s laboratory ... more
Greek government gives green light to 407,4 MW wind power project
The project has a planned investment budget of EUR 489 million and the approval covers the design, development and installation of a wind complex consisting of eight wind parks – four in north-central Evia and four in the south parts of the island ... more
Purplast invests EUR 5,1 million in new factory in North Macedonia
After start of operation the initial investment may be increased to EUR 12 million, with the number of employees reaching 215, Fatmir Bytyqi, deputy prime minister in charge of economic affairs, said in the statement ... more
Bosnia´s Cablex to open cable plant in Prijedor
The facility will serve German automotive components supplier Bosch. The investor’s provisions are that the new plant is to begin production in mid-March, the municipal government said ... more
Kosovo receives loan under Green Economy Financing Facility
The new EBRD loan will be on-lent to individuals, housing collectives, producers, vendors of green technologies and service providers for investments supporting the green transition in Kosovo ... more
Small business from Bulgaria overcomes the crisis with flying colours
Under the EBRD Advice for Small Businesses programme, the company was able to implement an enterprise resource planning system integrating processes across different parts of the business ... more
Smart infrastructure solutions company opens new fiber optic factory in Romania
The factory will start production in January 2021 and will address the following market segments: fiber-to-the-home, data centers, 5G, LANs (Local Area Networks) ... more

LATEST issue 3/2023

issue 3-2023



Electrical mobility in Türkiye – trends and opportunities

Electrical mobility in Türkiye – trends and opportunities

To ensure that charging systems grow in tandem with vehicle sales, the Turkish government must coordinate the deployment of public and private charging infrastructure to support all kinds of EV ... more
Pharmaceutical industry in Romania

Pharmaceutical industry in Romania

With average annual sales of 8,3 billion RON, the pharmaceutical business in Romania is thriving. The pharmaceutical industry`s value chain has grown dramatically in the past years across all segments. ... more
Serbian metal and machinery industry

Serbian metal and machinery industry

The metal processing and machinery sector in Serbia has a long history of development and it`s among the leading national production and manufacturing industries and one of the most important pillars of the local economy today ... more
Energy sector in North Macedonia

Energy sector in North Macedonia

In order to become a member of the European Union (EU), North Macedonia is currently standardizing and privatization its energy industry. The country has a great energy potential due to its favorable geographical location, natural resources and climatic ... more
Biodiesel production in SEE

Biodiesel production in SEE

During the last decade, the consumption of renewable diesel in Europe strongly increased, going from 14,3 million cubic metres in 2011 to about 19 million in 2019 ... more
LED lighting manufacturing in Türkiye

LED lighting manufacturing in Türkiye

LED manufacturing today is one of the most important segments of the Turkish lighting industry with numerous economic, social and technological factors contributing to its further development. The production and market challenges due to the COVID pandemic have ... more
Chemical production in Croatia

Chemical production in Croatia

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals, together with plastics and rubber processing are an integral part of the Croatian economy ... more