New technologies can provide an intelligent growth of SE Europe

EnergyCompany articlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2014

Smart Cities; Energy Efficiency and Renewables; Emergency, Safety- and Rescue Management
Exhibitions and Conferences for South-East Europe

Climate change, natural resources depletion and the progress towards a ’circular economy’ drive the countries in South-East Europe to make long-term reforms in their energy and city systems. Never before have the business and urban planning decision makers had so much technology and data at their disposal.

Following the global trends and responding to the market demand of economically-driven and environmentally-friendly innovations, the South-East European (SEE) Exhibitions and Conferences are a timely event in the Region that will take place from 11 to 13 March in Sofia, Bulgaria. It provides good opportunities for foreign and local stakeholders to develop their activities and business by better understanding the policy and processes that influence the market, and also through scientific knowledge transfer and wider promotion of their products.

The main challenges the countries of SEE face include improving their economy competitiveness and integrating themselves successfully within the EU Member States. During the years the Organizer Via Expo has broaden the scope of the South-East European Exhibitions and Conferences and the 2015 edition is dedicated to up-to-dates issues that will ensure the essential sustainable development of the Region:

The Exhibition encompasses different sections: production of renewable energy in cities, smart grid, energy conservation, ICT for the municipal, health and social sectors, organization of traffic flows and electro mobility. It is well-known that buildings consume 40% of final energy used globally.

An accent will be put also on passive houses, building automation systems (BAS) for lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, video surveillance and fire reporting, building management systems (BMS) and building information modeling (BIM), software, etc. The introduction of such technology in buildings significantly reduces the ecological footprint and provides comfort for citizens.

Via Expo has invited speakers from Austria, the UK, Germany, Estonia, Norway and France, who will present the different aspects and challenges that today’s cities are facing. Experts from Intel will share their newest developments in the Internet of Things. Miniature technologies will connect more and more objects to the global network, change consumer habits, increase the effectiveness and competitiveness in production, services, entrepreneurship and other social spheres.

For the first time a representative of IBESA (International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance), will take part in the Conference and speak about innovative installations and their role in the development of sustainable cities. Other topics include components of smart architecture, new approaches to city planning, automated emergency calls.

Within the EE & RE area the visitors will get acquainted with energy efficient technologies for heating, cooling, ventilation, systems for the production of bio-, solar-, wind-, geothermal- and hydro energy.

Euroheat & Power will organize the session ”The Future of District Heating in Europe”. Speakers from leading companies Samson, Dalkia, Fortum and Ramboll will summarize the current trends and will explore the role of municipalities to improve the efficiency and renewable energy use.
Financing energy renovation of buildings and the latest trends in the building insulation will be also discussed topics.

Due to the increasing climate variability and more frequent industrial accidents over the last few years, issues like emergency, rescue-, safety- management and control attain extreme significance for the Region of South-East Europe. These subjects will be the focus of the ’Save the Life’ Exhibition. The event aim is to increase awareness of the international disaster experience and to transfer the technologies and knowledge of international response systems and coordination mechanisms.

The parallel Conference will provide attendees with practical advice concerning prevention, disaster preparedness and reactions, damage recovery, etc. The speaker lineup includes experts from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, European Demolition Association, International Association of Risk and Crisis Communication, University of Tsukuba (Japan), etc.

The highlights will be: Resilient Citizen - remarks for preparing for risks and crisis on an individual level; Early Warning Systems (EWS); Demolition after Disaster; Climate Change Policy and Practice; Improving Evacuation in Emergency Situations; Training People in Disaster Management; Disaster Relief Systems, Network Resilience and Recovery, etc.

Organizer: Via Expo Ltd.