New Multi-Purpose Keypads from TME

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2009

The TME’s offer has been extended with a wide range of universal keypads. Apart from selection of number of keys (12 or 16), the customer can choose material from which the keypad is made; keypad colour, key description, version resistant to weather conditions; key actuating force and stroke; keypad overall dimensions; keypad way of mounting, etc.
"The multi-purpose keypads are well known and proven in many applications - it is hard to find somebody, who had no opportunity to use them. Their simple design guarantees high operational life (about 1 000 000 operations per key) and resistance to external conditions.
The next good point of these keypads is their attractive price", stated from TME.
A special version of the universal keypads is so called keyboard switch modules. The keyboard switch module is a small metal waterproof keypad characterised by high resistance and durability with one to four keys. Such a structure enables to freely arrange keys and to build a keypad we need (e.g. in lifts, a keypad of 1x 10 layout, pushbuttons on consoles, etc.)