New Chemistry exhibition to take place during the coming WIN 2008

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The coming edition of one of the biggest industrial fairs in Turkey is expected to break attendance records

In contrast to the previous edition,

WIN now offers three events under the same roof. Except the last year’s two main parts, the schedule is planned to include a new exhibition called “Chemistry’ 08” (17 - 20 January). Pursuing the main target to establish a more specialized profile of the increasing number of visitors, the organizers have planned the same split framework. The schedule of this internationally known event is certain to attract the attention of even more international attendees than last year when WIN was visited by over 122,500 professionals from all over the world. Part 1, which covers the fields of Machinery, Welding, Surface Treatment and Materials Handling, will be taking place between 7-10 February 2008. Part 2 opens doors on February 28 and will remain open to the visitors until March 2. It offers products and solutions in the fields of Automation, Electrotech, Hydraulic & Pneumatic.

Machine Components and Metal Working Fair – Turkish manufacturers are adapting to high technologies

As a crucial sector in the Turkish economy machinery production industry has readily adapted to the use of modern high-tech machinery. In the past four years, imports of specialized machinery have climbed to nearly US$11.6 billion in 2005. The Mechatronics sector - a part in the last year’s Otomasyon (Automation) fair, is to be independently presented in a special area called “MECHATRONICS” in 2008.

Joining, Welding and Cutting Technologies - Deficit of local qualified labour force in the sector

The annual estimated sales volume of Turkey’s welding industry accounts for an estimated sales volume of US$ 250 million annually. However the industry demand for skilled workers is greater than the available work force. The construction, automotive and shipbuilding industries are financial powerhouses and must import the latest technologies to maintain high production levels. There is a huge demand for specialised welding and cutting solutions, including industrial robots.

Surface Treatment Technologies Fair – The sector offers lucrative possibilities for foreign investors and suppliers.

Surface treatments modify the surface of a material and cover a range of products, from cleaning solutions to coatings, paint or varnish. Turkey is the 7th largest paint producer in Europe and a global competitor in the US$60 million world paint market. Domestic production can’t match the increasing demand and necessitates large import volumes of colorants, tanning agents and colors - up to US$1.027 million. Turkey’s textile, automotive and construction sectors have also fueled the growth of Turkey’s paint industry.

Materials Handling and Logistics Fair – Strong governmental support

Since 2002, the Turkish government has made the logistic sector a top priority and made ongoing investments to create a new infrastructure. In 2005, the market size of this sector was US$7 billion and is projected to increase 20-25% annually, reaching nearly US$25 billion by 2015. Foreign investors and suppliers are welcome - companies are ready to purchase solutions to reduce inventory costs, shorten delivery time and improve logistics.

The Industrial Automation Fair OTOMASYON’08 – a tribune for a growing sector

Automation technology is a new, untapped market in Turkey and is growing by an average of 10% a year. Surveys by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) indicate that Turkish manufacturers are actively seeking automation solutions to ensure high productivity and quality. A pent-up demand for solutions exists across all sectors, ranging from automotive, energy and textiles, and to food and pharmaceuticals. Don’t hesitate to seize this opportunity!

Energy, Electric and Electronic Technologies Fair ELECTROTECH’08 will point on renewable sources and infrastructure

Turkey is still not self-sufficient in the energy field, despite natural resources and ongoing liberalization of the electrical energy market. The country’s energy consumption exceeds its supply and has risen by 10% per year. The World Bank has approved US$200 million for renewable energy projects and upgrading the natural gas infrastructure. This high-growth sector welcomes foreign investment, expertise and services.

HYDRAULIC & PNEUMATIC’08 - Riding the wave of growth in an emerging sector

This sector was launched in Turkey in 1980 and has grown to a market value of about Ђ150 million today. The majority of Turkish companies operating in this sector are still small-scale. The increased use of automation in the Turkey’s manufacturing industry is generating a strong demand for pneumatic products and systems. It’s an excellent time to team up with enthusiastic partners.