Nestle opens new plant in Serbia

MachinesBusinessSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2024 • 18.03.2024

At the end of February 2024 Nestle officially opened a new factory for the production of plant-based meals, which is located next to the company’s existing factory in Surcin. With an investment of CHF 80 million and the creation of 220 new jobs, the factory will produce nutritionally rich plant-based meals.

The opening ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, H.E. Ambassador of Switzerland to Serbia Urs Smid, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management Jelena Tanaskovic, Minister of Environmental Protection Irena Vujovic, Minister of Economy Slobodan Cvetkovic and the Mayor of Belgrade Aleksandar Sapic.

The new factory, which covers 18 440 square meters, will produce meals from the Garden Gourmet brand range. By using local ingredients, Nestle plans to further empower local soy producers, with the aim of maintaining strong ties within the local community and Serbian society.

“I am proud that after 18 years of outstanding business results at Nestle Serbia, we are opening a new, I believe, even more successful chapter. We continue to improve food production technology and educate local suppliers and their producers through our regenerative agriculture program to support more sustainable production of raw materials in Serbia. In the new factory, we will also apply the highest standards of environmentally responsible production, in which we are pioneers in Serbia”, said Marjana Davidovic, General Manager of Nestle for Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

Nestle will use renewable energy from hydroelectric power plants in the new factory, will produce no municipal waste and will treat all wastewater on-site in its own wastewater treatment plant. Circular economy principles were also applied during construction by using insulating eco-panels made from recycled packaging for Nestle products, such as soups and mayonnaise.