Neosvet Lighting presents new solutions for outdoor and industrial lighting based on a modular kit NeoSTEP

LightingIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2014

NeoSTEP-DC (typical CC PSU)   NeoSTEP-AC (220VAC)   NeoSTEP-SOLAR (12-30 VDC)
The core element of the kit is a multipurpose aluminum heat sink STEP (dissipation power 20-30 W) with a modular lens STRADA-IP (2х6) from LEDIL.
STEP heat sink features: available in 173, 346 and 520mm length; 20? black anodized layer; M3 screw mounting holes for a lens; a M12 screw hole for a cable gland.

All lenses have integral silicone gasket, which protect to IP 67.
• NeoSTEP -DC module is a classical solution of 12 LEDs connected in series (high power CREE or Samsung LEDs).
• NeoSTEP -AC (with an AC Direct LED driver on a PCB) enables to avoid using additional power supply and will definitely reduce the total cost of a lighting fixture. Although it limits supply power range to 175Е264VAC. Absence of electrolytic capacitors increases durability of the module and enables to use the module at temperatures as low as -50 C. Because of increased luminous flux pulsation (more than 50%), the module is advised to be used only in stroboscopic effect-free environment as well as in any outdoor lighting that has no luminous flux pulsation limits.
• NeoSTEP-SOLAR enables to use a lighting module with constant power range 12-30V due to DC converter with an efficiency more than 91% (at 24W) which is located under the lens. It is applied in lighting fixtures powered by emergency supply and together with solar panels.
NeoSTEP flexibility as well as a set of standard and simple metal fittings will help you in any illumination.

Neosvet Lighting introduces another solution - Venelin. It will appeal to those who use COB LED in theirs lighting fixtures. Venelin is based on a STAR shape aluminum heat sink O200mm, dissipation power > 50W, 20? black anodizing. For this heat sink you can use COB on aluminum substrate (COB-QUAD 25-100W) by Neosvet.

Glass lens NSO-COB provides distribution of luminous flux with 10 type of light beams - street symmetric, asymmetric and round 60, 90 and 120 and others.
Neosvet Lighting  is a Bulgarian company that specializes in production of semi-finished products for lighting industry enterprises.