NEON-EK, SEEIM - issue 3, 2010


LED Controllers from NEON-EC

NEON-EC offers highly effective decisions for light engineering on the power LEDs base.

There are LEDs of leading world manufactures, such as CREE, SAMSUNG LED, HIGH POWER LIGHTING corp.

NEON-EC is the official distributor of these companies in Bulgaria and CIS that guarantees you short delivery time and all-round technical support.

CREE is the leader in the field of semi-conductor manufacture. The highest luminous efficiency 160Lm/W is out of competition.

We recommend MX3S- luminous flux 100Lm, forward voltage 10V, and low price.

SAMSUNG LED will take confident posi-tions among the first three leaders on LEDs manufacture in the near future.

We recommend SLHNNWH629T0 - high CRI, the case convenient for installation, a high luminous flux 250 Lm.

In 2010 company registered trade mark NEOSVET, under the name of which represents its production.

NEOSVET presents  products for light engineering on the LED  lamps CREE, HPL, REFOND base, which are applied in various areas as a part of lighting products or separately. The portfolio  includes a number of the most demanded LED modules, other parts for LED lighting  and constantly extends.

We  make the  working out and manufacture of products under projects of the customer. Our company has highly skilled developers and engineers, capable to solve any task. Depending on the budget and requirements to a luminous intensity, emitting colour, a colour rendition index we offer a complete sets of power LEDs from various manufacturers.

NEON-EC offers universal controller for LED light sources - LED clusters, flexible strips, LED lamps, etc. Kislovodsk LED controllers can create any kind of dynamic lighting!

16-channel programmable constant  current LED controller  Kislovodsk 16.1

In combination with the great number of standard dynamics files that are supplied along with the controller the time of the programming reduces to few hours. There is no need to use LEDs fixture with DMX drivers while using Kislovodsk LED controller as you can just use standard LED Modules, LED Stripes and LED fixtures.

According to customer desire Software in English or German.

It is possible to use various power supplies from 5V to 24V at the same time.

The price for the channel is less than 5 euro. The Kislovodsk LED 16.1 capacity makes it possible to light a cottage, small cafe and to create complex dynamic advertising. The total capacity of the connected LED Lamps is more than 500W!

You can see the example of the controller installation in the cottage in the picture. The controller and the power supply placed in the hermetic enclosure connected through the standard timer that programs to switching on/off mode according to the day and time request. LED Lamps are connected with the cable 4х0,75 mm2, that gives an opportunity to move away to 30 meters and more from the enclosure without any luminous flux loss.

The maximum program steps quantity is 500, program step time is from 50msec to 25 sec. It is not difficult to count, that the maximum length of the program execution is more than 3 hours, after which the cyclic repetition can be switched on. At any program step any channel can be switched on, switched off and turned into pulse-width modulation mode.

In the PWM mode at any step and at any channel the following actions can be done:

•The stop of PWM in the current position.

•The choice of the static brightness from the range 2-32.

•The change of the PWM speed, etc.

One more good feature is the availability of the programmable timer, that works according to luminance level. Phototransistor that is supplied in a set and connected with a 3m screened cable is used as a sensor.

It is possible to increase their total amount to 10 when controller ver. 16.2 is used.

So the total capacity of the controllable plant can be brought up to 5kW with 160channels.

There is no doubt that more complicated installation is required, e.g. see the signboard of the large casino.

The main features:

•peak current of the channel 16A;

•peak current of the all channels 70A;

•peak voltage at the open-circuit channel 25V;

•channel switching relatively the ground (mines, GND);

•supply voltage of the controller (terminal Vss) +7,5 ~25V;

•galvanic separated RS-232 port;

•programmable timer that goes off according to the lighting level (it is possible to change the photosensor by a button or by a switcher);

•the phototransistor connecting by screened cable to 3m;

•the control of speed of carrying out of the program (button Knl), decrease in speed of carrying out of the program till the entry level (button Kn2), the control of speed of the channels that work in PWM mode (button Kn3);

•working temperature -30~+70.

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