NANOTEXNOLOGY in Greece will explore nanotechnologies, organic electronics and nanomedicine

Electronics EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2017

From July 1st to July 8th this year the town of Thessaloniki, Greece, hosts the largest technology, networking and matchmaking annual event in Europe on nanotechnologies "NANOTEXNOLOGY".

The comprehensive forum includes several premium and internationally established sub-events: the International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (NN17), which take place on July 4th - 7th; the International Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics (ISFOE17) on July 3rd - 6th; the International Summer Schools “N&N, OE & Nanomedicine” (ISSON17) on July 1st - 8th; NANOTEXNOLOGY EXPO 2017 on July 3rd -7th; Business Forum & Start-Up Area on July 4th - 6th; and a Matchmaking Event on July 5th.

NANOTEXNOLOGY will explore the opportunities within the rising fields of nanotechnologies, organic & printed electronics and nanomedicine. The event traditionally brings along over 2000 researchers, scientists, engineers, business, technical and policy professionals to promote research and industrial collaborations, establish and identify priorities and strengthen the innovation system. This year it is hosted in the Porto Palace Conference Centre & Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece.

NN Conference
NN Conference is a global event that focuses on the most recent advances in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies (N&N), and promotes profound scientific discussions between scientists, researchers from different disciplines and market leaders. Front-line specialists from multidisciplinary research and application areas are encouraged to join this conference and discuss the benefits of N&N in their research and development efforts as to advance the networking and collaborating between different academia, research and industry players in the field, as well as to stimulate the exchange of educational concepts.

This year’s conference is comprised of associated workshops and special events, covering the latest developments in the fields of Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies, such as: Nanoelectronics, photonics, plasmonics & nanoenergy; Nanomaterials, nanofabrication, nanoengineering & nanoconstruction; Nanomedicine; Biosensors & bioelectronics; Graphene & related materials.

International Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics ISFOE17
ISFOE is a large scientific and technological event that emphasizes the topic of flexible organic & printed electronics (OEs) and promotes the research, technology and innovation in OE nanomaterials, manufacturing processes, devices and applications and solutions. This year’s iteration of ISFOE will give the participants and guests a chance to meet other world-class scientists, engineers, industry representatives and policy makers, and to discuss and exchange ideas on the trending topics and developments.

The ISFOE program consists of workshops and sessions that focus on the following: Organic and large area electronic (OLAE) materials (polymer and small molecule organic semiconductors, transparent electrodes, barriers for encapsulation); OTFTs and circuits; Laser technologies & patterning; Printing, vacuum and OVPD equipment and technologies; Organic photovoltaics & perovskites; Graphene and related materials; Biosensors & Bioelectronics; OLEDs for displays and lighting; Computational modelling at nanoscale to mesoscale; Manufacturing processes, fabrication and quality control for industrial applications; Smart textiles & wearable technologies; Internet of Things (IoT); Integrated systems and sensors; New business development & commercialization workshop; Workshop on renewable energy & storage; EU-USA workshop.

The guests also get the change to advance their knowledge to resolve various issues related to nanomaterials (e.g. morphology, charge generation & transport, phase separation, interfaces, up-scalability to large area processes) and to devices, progress on the theoretical modelling & computational methods, as well as advance their understanding of the basic mechanisms & phenomena and establish the structure-property relationships that will allow the market implementation of OE devices.

Another major point of interest during the ISFOE program are the discussions on device architectures, large scale processes, in-line metrology and quality control tools, and manufacturing processes for numerous OE devices such as OPVs, OLEDs, OTFTs, sensors and biosensors for applications in energy, lighting, electronics, smart textiles, wearables, nanobiomedicine, displays, food packaging, greenhouses and more.

International Summer Schools “N&N, OE & Nanomedicine” (ISSON17)
The ISSON Summer Schools will give the opportunity to young researchers and early-career scientists and engineers to participate in a series of lectures on the emerging fields of Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies. This year ISSON17 is divided in three complementary schools that cover the significant areas in the N&N field.

The lectures review the current trends and knowledge in the fields of NN in general, which will be the emphasis of School 1. Parallel to that, School 2 focuses on Organic electronics, while School 3 focuses on Nanomedicine. Furthermore, state-of-the-art techniques, as well as a demonstration-tour in the laboratory facilities for developing and characterizing nanoscale materials will also be included.

Top class experts from universities, research institutions and industry representatives from all over the world will share their knowledge and experience within several lecture presentations. The ISSON program is structured in plenary and parallel sessions so that the students are able to fix-and-attend lectures according to their preference.

The 7th NANOTEXNOLOGY Expo fair is organized and planned to unite innovators and support the bringing of nanotechnology, organic electronics & nanomedicine from the laboratory to the market. The fully integrated exhibition and conferences will give the chance to demonstrate and discover state-of-the-art prototypes, technologies and research results from innovative companies, leading research institutes, SMEs, high-tech clusters, and EU-projects.

Within the fair a Matchmaking event takes place yet again - it will present the opportunity to have a face-to-face contact with other businesses, as well as promote different products and research results to an audience that has shown tendencies of increasing with every year.

Business Forum & Start-Up Area
One of the highlights of the NANOTEXNOLOGY 2017 is the business forum with its distinctive start-up area. The forum is strategically located at the exhibition centre where EXPO 2017 takes place, so that this integral space becomes a focal point for visits from local and worldwide delegations and individuals, consisting of potential collaborators, partners and investors. The event is held within NANOTEXNOLOGY Expo on July 4th – 6th.

Matchmaking Event
The special b2b matchmaking event is organized by PRAXI Network, a member of Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas, and NANOTEXNOLOGY 2017. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for transnational technology, business and research partnerships in the emerging fields of nanotechnologies, organic electronics and nanomedicine. It takes place on July 5th, within the NANOTEXNOLOGY Expo and alongside the Business forum.