Mubadala establishes an aircraft parts factory in Serbia

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Тhe talks with Mubadala company on the establishment of an aircraft parts factory in Serbia will be completed until the end of November, Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic stated.

The aircraft parts plant for Boeing and Airbus will most certainly employ around 600 people. A possible location is the Belgrade’s neighborhood Zemun, next to the Nikola Tesla airport. The project is expected to be developed by Strata, Mubadala’s aerospace manufacturing arm.

"The talks are under way. The negotiations will not be easy, but they also want healthy business. We do not have much knowledge of the equipment, but we can provide the land, infrastructure. We will leave to them all that has to do with high-tech and that is how we will learn," Vucic said.

In the beginning of October, Mubadala and the Serb government signed four memorandums of understanding in the fields of semiconductors, aircraft technology, telecommunications and renewable energy. The deals are the latest sign of a rapid warming in relations between Abu Dhabi and Belgrade that has already yielded millions of dollars of investment for Serbia’s struggling economy.

One of the projects concerns the future aircraft component plant, while another one is for building a local semiconductor research and development center, which will pave the way for the construction of an electronic chip factory expected to cost several billion USD. Serbia will secure all technical conditions, which are required by the future investors.

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