Motor capacitors manufactured by DUCATI

Electronics NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2010

TME has become the distributor of the DUCATI energia company. DUCATI is an Italian manufacturer of alternative current capacitors designed for application in electric motors and lighting lamps.
The TME’s offer includes high quality polypropylene capacitors of the 4.16.10 series, characterised by high durability and reliability, available in wide range of capacity and versions.
The capacitors are wound up from the polypropylene film with vacuum plated thin layer electrodes. The film is sealed by means of polyurethane resin. The capacitors have the form of cylinder with dimensions form 25 x 49 mm to 55 x 117 mm (diameter x length) closed in plastic non-flammable case. These devices are designed for screw mounting (M8 screw) and are available with various types of terminals including the most popular as 6,3 mm push-on connectors or leads. The capacitors, due to their structure are characterised by relatively small dimensions and weight, and a tight seal (IP55 version with cable).
The 4.16.10 series capacitors have the VDE, IMQ and ASE certificates confirming their conformity with the EN 60252-1 Standard. The devices of 2-40oF and 45-60oF capacity meet the requirements of  the B Class of this Standard for rated voltages respectively 425 and 400 VAC, what means that their expected life time amounts to 10 thousands hours.
All types of these capacitors are characterised by n5% tolerance and in standard version are designed for operation under frequencies 50-60 Hz and under temperatures from -25 to +70°C. Due to small value of inductance they have a low loss factor tan? that doesn’t exceed 0,002 at +20°C. The insulation voltage is factory tested (2-second test) and between capacitor’s terminals is at least twice higher than rated voltage, and is at least 3kV among terminals and the case.