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Montenegrin wines are made from a wide range of grape varieties including: Krstac, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Vranac. Krstac is an ancient variety of grape that is indigenous to Serbia and Montenegro. A high quality dry white wine is made of it. The wine may be rich, of harmonious bouquet and of light yellow colour with 12.5% alcohol.

Vranac is an ancient variety of grape that is indigenous to the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Vranac is considered the most important variety of grape in Montenegro, and it produces a dry red wine of a unique taste and character that is synonymous with the Balkans.

The main wine producing regions are close to the Capital Podgorica and around Lake Skadar. There is one large commercial producer, Plantaze who have opened their cellars to tourists and have a gift shop and information centre at the entrance to Skadar National Park - in Virpazar.

Plantaze is built around the realization of the project ’Cemovsko field’, when 2000 ha of vineyards and orchards were established and a technologically modern wine cellar of 190 000 hl capacity and the cold storage plant of 3000 tons capacity were built.

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