Monbat and ABC target commercialization of bipolar lead batteries

EnergyNewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2022 • 06.07.2022

Monbat and ABC target commercialization of bipolar lead batteries

Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC) and Bulgaria’s Monbat agreed on a product development program for the design of a commercial bipolar battery, based on ABC’s patented GreenSeal technology, for mass scale production at a future Monbat manufacturing 1 GWh facility to be built in Bulgaria. Forecast for the investment is about EUR 16 million.



In the first stage of the program, ABC will produce, in its expanded Clare, MI plant, the so-called Alpha Samples of Block B batteries. Block B is a 48-volt, 32 amp-hour industrial battery, aimed at telecom and battery energy storage systems (BESS) applications. The batteries will be delivered to existing Monbat clients and special projects requiring BESS, for on-site deployment, thus supplying the necessary data for the future mass-scale production. Monbat has intensively tested prototype Block B batteries since 2019, in the company’s certified testing laboratories.

Bipolar batteries will offer significant advantages in the industrial battery sector, improving performance, durability, and cost of production/acquisition and at the same time reducing lead and weight, while remaining fully recyclable.