Modernization of TE-TO Zrenjanin, Serbia

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Capital overhaul worth EUR 3.5 million increases energy efficiency by 60 percent

Modernization of Steam Power Plant-Heating Plant (TE-TO) Zrenjanin, the second largest branch within the system of the business organization Panonske Termoelektrane-Toplane Novi Sad, Serbia is entering its final phase. Czech contractor Skoda Power is implementing the last phase of the modernization project - warranty measuring, of which aim is to officially confirm the results of the overhaul and modernization, people at TE-TO Zrenjanin stated. Upon the modernization, the capacity at TE-TO Zrenjanin should be increased from 50 to 80 megawatts, that is, the level of energy efficiency should grow by 60 percent, which will reduce the quantity of fuel used in the production of electric and heating energy and increase reliability, safety and security of work of the plant.

The overhaul and modernization, a project worth about EUR 3.5 million, has been implemented in several phases over the last two years. After the works on reconstruction of a turbine at Skoda Power plant, which is also the manufacturer of the turbine, assembling works were commenced at TE-TO Zrenjanin.Modernization of TE-TO Zrenjanin has contributed to the growth of the capacity and the improvement of energy efficiency at EPS, that is, promotion and preservation of the stability of work of the national power supply system.

Thermal Power Plant-Heating Plant (TPP-HP) Zrenjanin, the second facility according to size and production potential, is located in the industrial zone of Zrenjanin, 4 km away from the city centre and in close vicinity of the Zrenjanin-Belgrade road. This branch too was constructed for a combined production cycle. Installed capacity of annual electrical energy production amounts up to 750.000 MWh. Power plant is connected to the heating system of Zrenjanin via main hot-water pipeline, and to the industrial plants via steam pipelines.

TPP-HP Zrenjanin consists of the main production unit (MPU) and the supporting one. The latter has five low-capacity boilers, from 12 to 75 t/h, and four turbines from 2,5 to 8,5 MW - with total power of 25 MW. Boilers are usually used to actuate the main production unit. However, when MPU is not in function, they are used for heating and supplying consumers with technological steam. Natural gas and fuel-oil are used as fuel.

Source: Panonske termoelektrane-toplane d.o.o., Serbia Business

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