Mitsubishi HMI solutions with Rittal enclosures

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2009

Mitsubishi Electric and Rittal offer perfectly matched solutions for human-machine interfaces. All the GOT1000 control terminals from Mitsubishi Electric can be quickly and easily integrated in Rittal’s Command Panel series of industrial enclosures. The result is a solution that gives mobility, fast access to information and user-friendly operation. Some of the most important features of the GOT1000 series are: the high-resolution screens with 256 or even up to 65,536 colours can also display complex graphics; Fast USB port on the front of the units with transparent mode to MELSEC controllers, servo amplifiers and frequency inverters; Compact Flash cards to transfer and save project data and operation system updates; Unicode enables display of all international languages. GOT1000 terminals also have online language-switching up to 10 different languages; Optional interfaces for Ethernet, MELSECNET/10, CC-Link as well as additional RS232C and RS422 and 4-channel multidriver-concept.
"Providing the features customers have been asking for was a top priority in the design of these units - combined with advanced technology and the experience drawn from a long history of HMI design. The result is products that will make work easier for programmers and service staff as well as operators", stated from the company.