Microchip, SEEIM - issue 3, 2010


Integrate Touch Sensing Quickly and Easily

With Microchip’s Range of Low Power, Low Cost Solutions

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Microchip’s mTouch™ Sensing Solutions allow designers to integrate touch sensing

with application code in a single microcontroller, reducing total system cost.

Microchip offers a broad portfolio of low power, low cost & flexible solutions for keys/sliders and

touch screen controllers. Get to market faster using our easy GUI-based tools, free source code

and low-cost development tools.

Touch Sensing for Keys and Sliders

• mTouch Capacitive Sensing technology

? Longer battery life with eXtreme Low

Power MCUs; Capacitive Sensing in less

than 5 ?a

? High noise immunity and low emissions

? No external components

• mTouch Inductive Sensing technology

? Use polished or brushed metal surfaces

including stainless steel and aluminum

? Sense through gloves

? Create water-proof designs

? deploy Braille-friendly interfaces

• Broad portfolio of MCUs lowers system cost:

? 8, 16 & 32-bit PIC® MCUs for Capacitive and

Inductive touch

? Integrated USB, Graphics, LCd, Irda, CaN

Touch Screen Controllers

• Fully processed touch coordinates

• Projected Capacitive technology

? Multi-touch enabling gestures

? Low cost MCU implementation

? Wide operating voltage: 1.8-5.5V

? Low operating current 1.5 ma at

5V typical

• Analog Resistive technology

? Lowest system cost, easy integration

? Universal 4, 5 & 8-wire solution with

on-chip calibration

? I2C™, SPI, Uart or USB interfaces

? Low power touch to wake-up feature

enhanced mtouch Capacitive

evaluation Kit - dM183026-2

(For keys & sliders)

Projected Capacitive

development Kit - dM160211

analog resistive touch Screen

development Kit - dV102011

PICdeM™ Inductive touch

development Kit - dM183027

(For keys on metal surfaces)