Microchip Technology, SEEIM - issue 4, 2022


Built for Robust Wi-Fi
Microchip’s Industrial Grade Embedded Wi-Fi® Performs Under Pressure


Industrial controllers, PCs, and sensors are built to operate in harsh environments. Your Wi-Fi solution should be built for robustness too. Our solutions are built to thrive in these conditions whether it’s nearby motor noise, radio interference, or extreme environmental conditions.

Robust Wireless Performance

• Consistent RF Performance Over Temperature (

• Extensive RF Interoperability Testing (Over 80% Access Point chipset coverage)
• High RF Interface Rejection (Up to 3X better than competitors)

Industrial-grade Features

• AEC-Q100 qualification ensures high product quality

• industrial bridging solutions (i.e. CAN/Ethernet to Wi-Fi)
• MCU customization
• Class B Software Libraries support Functional Safety
• Hardware Safety features support Functional Safety
• Certified MPLAB XC30 Functional Safety compiler
• Code Coverage Tools
• Integrated Trust&GO Secure Element eases cloud integration

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