Microchip Technology, SEEIM - issue 3, 2022


Certified SIL 2/3 Self-Test Library for
Industrial Safety

Simplify Your System Development and Certification

Industrial safety is critical in the field of industrial controls, robots, sensors, gas detectors and smoke detectors, making the IEC 61508 Industrial Safety Standard a pre-requisite for these applications.

Our broad portfolio of 32-bit SAM and PIC32 Microcontrollers (MCUs) and dsPIC33C Digital

Signal Controllers (DSCs) offers TÜV Rheinland-certified diagnostic libraries (self-test libraries) for designs targeting up to SIL 3, IEC 61508 FMEDA and/or safety manuals, which are available in a complete package.

Utilize the comprehensive set of documentation and certified software libraries to simplify and accelerate your system development while saving certification cost and time.


Advantages of Microchip’s IEC 61508 Diagnostic Libraries:

• TÜV Rheinland certified diagnostic libraries can be used to implement an SIL 2 safety level in single-channel applications and an SIL 3 safety level in dual-channel applications
• Detects random hardware failures in the core, Flash memory, SRAM and other peripherals

• The SIL 2/3 diagnostic libraries are part of an overall safety package that includes a software safety manual as well as a safety checklist offering for the IEC 61508 industrial safety designs

• Complete source code for PIC® and AVR® MCUs and dsPIC33C DSCs, and binaries for PIC32C and SAM 32-bit MCUs


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