Microchip Technology, SEEIM - issue 4, 2021


dsPIC33C DSC for Robust Industrial Design

High-Reliability and Robustness in Harsh Environments

The dsPIC33C family offers a 100 MIPS high-performance core with DSP engine, ideal for implementing
math-intensive functions. It also offers a rich set of peripherals designed to meet the needs of demanding
real-time industrial control and automation applications.

Key Features
• Operating temperature of up to 150°C for robust performance in extreme conditions
• High-performance core offers a deterministic response for your control-unit design
• Up to two independent cores with its own peripherals to enable high-level function integration
and simplify development
• High-level analog integration offers superior signal conditioning and measurement,
and reduces the overall BOM cost
• Robust communication peripherals including CAN FD, LIN and SENT
• dsPIC33C DSCs and ATECC608 devices enable robust security implementation
• Functional Safety Ready DSCs help you achieve IEC 61508 SIL 2 and Class B functional safety levels

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