Microchip Technology, SEEIM - issue 3, 2021


Power Delivery Software Enables
USB-C® Customization

Eliminate Manufacturer Dependence With Downloadable Source Code


Harness the power of this industry-changing solution to determine your own product destiny! The new
Power Delivery Software Framework (PSF) allows you to modify and own the IP in your USB-C Power
Delivery (PD) systems. Merge proprietary system code with our fully functional PD stack to have the
ultimate flexibility for creating product offerings, while choosing from a wide variety of our SmartHubs,
microcontrollers (MCUs) and standalone PD solutions for your USB systems.

This solution offers both a code base for power delivery and a comprehensive programming environment,
removing the need for manufacturer dependence. The PD architecture’s open approach makes it easy for
you to program MCUs and immediately modify PD code as your system evolves, thereby reducing time to
market and overall bill of materials. Coding is supported by the MPLAB® X IDE and an evaluation kit which
combines a SAMD20 MCU with the UPD350 power delivery transceiver to support two USB-C ports, each of
which can handle up to 100W.

Key Features
• Freely downloadable code base for power delivery
• Comprehensive programming environment
• PSF evaluation board is a full-featured hardware development
platform for evaluating Microchip’s PSF
• Compliant with the USB 3.1 Gen1/Gen2, USB 2.0 High-Speed
(HS), Full-Speed (FS), and Low-Speed (LS) USB signaling

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