Microchip Technology, SEEIM - issue 2, 2021


Touch Solutions for Hazard Prevention

World’s First Safety Certified Capacitive Touchscreen Controllers
for Home Appliances

Put safety first, while reducing cost and enabling modern user interface solutions in home appliances.

Microchip’s latest family of maXTouch® capacitive touchscreen controllers offers system-wide, pre-approved
IEC 60730 and UL 60730 Class B-certified firmware—a market first. These pre-certified touchscreen
controllers help you achieve your required system certification in a single chip, while also eliminating the
need for an additional microcontroller, reducing design time, cost and overall design risk.

Specifically designed for the home appliance segment, the mXT336UD-HA family features both poweron
self-test and periodic built-in self-test diagnostic capabilities that ensure the intended operation and
functionality of the CPU, timers, communication buses, memory and touch analog front end.

The embedded diagnostic features of this family of touch controllers ensure correct operation of the
touch controller itself, as well as the connected touch sensor. When a failure condition is detected, the
mXT336UD-HA family immediately notifies the host system, enabling the appliance to fail-safe and reduce
hazardous threats.

Key Features
• Allows reliable detection and tracking of multiple fingers on surfaces exposed
to moisture, water, grease and more—even if the user is wearing gloves
• Software and hardware tools available including maXTouch Studio,
maXTouch Analyzer and evaluation kit

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