Microchip Technology, SEEIM - issue 1, 2021


Say Goodbye to Level Shifters
And Hello to Multi-Voltage I/O on the AVR® DB MCU Family

Building an embedded design supporting multiple voltage standards often requires adding external
hardware to ensure compatibility. The AVR DB family of MCUs features a dedicated port for simultaneous
multi-voltage operation, allowing them to handle challenges on multiple power domains without needing
external components. This port supports 1.8V–5.5V natively, allowing you to reduce cost and board space.

Say goodbye to level shifters, and build your next embedded design with AVR DB MCUs.

Key Features Include
• Internal 24 MHz oscillator
• Up to 128 KB of Flash and 16 KB of SRAM
• Intelligent Analog peripherals, including a 12-bit ADC,
DAC and on-chip op amps
• Communications interfaces, including USART/SPI/dual-mode
Two-Wire Interface (TWI)
• Available in a wide range of package options,
from 28 to 64 pins

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