Microchip Technology, SEEIM - issue 4, 2019


World-Class Analog from a
Microcontroller Leader?

If You Only Know Microchip as an MCU Supplier, We’re About to Blow Your Mind

Microchip’s success story wouldn’t be complete without including our analog
solutions. Our history as a leading solution supplier providing comprehensive
design support and a broad product portfolio doesn’t only include our
microcontroller products.
We also offer high-performance, easy-to-implement linear, mixed-signal, power
management, thermal and interface products. When combined, Microchip’s
extensive portfolio can be used in numerous applications with various
performance requirements.
You will have the power, flexibility and confidence to choose the right solution for
your design, regardless of design constraints. Take advantage of our experience
and complete system solutions to save time and simplify your design effort.

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