Microchip Technology, SEEIM - issue 3, 2017


Microcontroller Closes the Graphics Gap

First MCU to Combine 2D Graphics Processing Unit and DDR2 Memory

The industry’s first MCU to combine a 2D Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and integrated DDR2 memory delivers groundbreaking graphics with increased colour resolution and display sizes.

The three-layer graphics controller in the 32-bit PIC32MZ DA family drives 24-bit colour Super Extended Graphics Array (SXGA) displays up to 12 inches, whilst expansive storage is provided by up to 32 MB of on-chip DRAM or 128 MB externally addressable DRAM.

The PIC32MZ DA MCUs bridge the graphics performance gap to create complex graphics with easy-to-use MPLAB® X IDE and MPLAB Harmony development tools and software from Microchip.

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