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Does your design need high 32-bit MCU performance, code density and large internal memory?

PIC32MZ off ers 330 DMIPS and 654 CoreMarks™ performance

Microchip’s new PIC32MZ 32-bit MCUs achieve high performance, combined with 30% better code density and up to 2 MB dual-panel

Flash with live update and 512 KB RAM.

The PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity (EC) family of 32-bit MCUs introduces a breakthrough in high-end embedded control with its high performance and code density in addition to new levels of on-chip memory and peripheral integration.

With up to 2 MB of dual-panel Flash and 512 KB of RAM, the PIC32MZ offers 4x more on-chip memory than any other PIC® MCU, with fail-safe operation during live Flash updates. It is also the fi rst PIC MCU to use the enhanced MIPS microAptiv™ core which adds 159 new DSP instructions that enable the execution of DSP algorithms at up to 75% fewer cycles than the PIC32MX families.

Advanced connectivity is supported over Hi-Speed USB, 10/100 Ethernet and two CAN 2.0b modules as well as multiple UART, SPI/I²S, and I²C channels. The optional on-chip crypto engine ensures secure communication with a random number generator and high-throughput data encryption/decryption and authentication.


■ Turn-key PIC32MZ EC Starter Kits

■ Multimedia Expansion Board II

■ PIC32MZ2048EC Plug-in Module for Explorer 16

PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity Starter Kit (DM320006 or DM320006-C with crypto engine)

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