Microchip Technology, SEEIM - issue 2, 2012


New 8-bit Microcontrollers with integrated

configurable logic in 6- to 20-pin packages


Development Tools

PICDEM ™ Lab Development

Kit - DM163045

PIC16F193X ‘F1’ Evaluation

Platform - DM164130-1

PICkit™ Low Pin Count Demo

Board - DM164120-1

Free CLC Configuration Tool:

Microchip’s new PIC10F/LF32X and PIC12/16F/LF150X 8-bit

microcontrollers (MCUs) let you add functionality, reduce size, and

cut the cost and power consumption in your designs for low-cost

or disposable products, with on-board Configurable Logic Cells

(CLCs), Complementary Waveform Generator (CWG) and Numerically

Controlled Oscillator (NCO).

The Configurable Logic Cells (CLCs) give you software control of

combinational and sequential logic, to let you add functionality, cut your

external component count and save code space. Then the Complementary

Waveform Generator (CWG) helps you to improve switching efficiencies

across multiple peripherals; whilst the Numerically Controlled Oscillator

(NCO) provides linear frequency control and higher resolution for

applications like tone generators and ballast control.

PIC10F/LF32X and PIC12/16F/LF150X MCUs combine low current

consumption, with an on-board 16 MHz internal oscillator, ADC,

temperature-indicator module, and up to four PWM peripherals. All

packed into compact 6- to 20-pin packages.

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PIC® MCUs with next-generation peripherals

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