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PIC16F193X ‘F1’ evaluation Platform - dM164130-1

Low-Power Microcontrollers for Battery-Friendly Design

Microchip Offers Lowest Currents for Active and Sleep Modes

RF & Wireless Memory Analog Digital Signal



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Intelligent Electronics start with Microchip

Extend the battery life in your application using PIC® microcontrollers with nanoWatt

XLP Technology and get the industry’s lowest currents for Active and Sleep modes.

Microchip’s new peripheral-rich PIC12F182X, PIC16F182X and PIC16F19XX families offer active

currents of less than 50 µa and sleep currents down to 20 na. these products enable you to create

battery-friendly designs that also incorporate capacitive touch sensing, LCd, communications and

other functions which help differentiate your products in the marketplace.

Microchip’s enhanced Mid-range 8-bit architecture provides up to 50% increased performance

and 14 new instructions that result in up to 40% better code execution over previous-generation

8-bit PIC16 MCUs.

PIC12F182X and PIC16F182X families


• Packages ranging from 8 to 64 pins

• mtouch™ capacitive touch-sensing

• Multiple communications peripherals

• dual I2C™/SPI interfaces

• PWM outputs with independent time bases

• data signal modulator

PIC16F19XX family includes:

• mtouch capacitive touch-sensing

• LCd drive

• Multiple communications peripherals

• More PWM channels, with independent


• Up to 28 KB of Flash program memory

• enhanced data eePrOM

• 32-level bandgap reference

• three rail-to-rail input comparators

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