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Centralized system for remote reading and management of residential electric meter data - ENERGSys

The system is intended for monitoring the electric power consumption. It is appropriate for consumers that are naturally grouped (blocks of flats) and have the meters located outside of apartments (power distribution and metering indoor cabinets). The system can be adapted relatively easy to other configurations.

The system allows the reading, data storage and centralized billing of power consumption for many meters (consumers). Also the system allows the record for each consumer of a list of additional events (concerning the power in the measurement point, voltage drops, unauthorized access in the system or fraud).

Markets: ROMANIA

Producer: ELECTROMAGNETICA, Romania 



Universal AMM (automated meter management) system: One system for all electricity markets segments (Production, Grid, Industrial, Commercial and Residential); Intelligent Network Management - easy field installation, clean up and maintenance (automatic installation of new meters, self adaptive repeater system); Interoperability; Multiutility (electricity, heat, gas, water); Web access to the measuring data.

Markets: Europe, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Producer: ISKRAEMECO, Slovenia 


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