Metal Processing Industry of Slovenia

IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2008

Metal processing industry is a strong industrial branch within Slovenian national economy: employing 52.000 people, generating a 6 billion EUR revenue in 2006 with almost two thirds of it (4 billion EUR) earned from foreign trade. These facts put it in the top range of national manufacturing industries. Traditional business relationships with Europe’s and the world’s most prominent businesses are based on up-to-date technology, considerable professional expertise and total quality assurance.

The steady growth of revenue, value added and export peaked in 2006 with the highest ranking growth indexes since 2000. Due to historical, geographical and other reasons the prime export market is the demanding and highly competitive area of EU. As acting globally became an imperative, focus enlarges onto the East Balkans, Near, Middle and Far East as well as East and Central Europe, Asia and both Americas. The share of non-EU export is rising constantly. Permanent innovation and improvement in all fields – be it product, production process or business conduct – is a conditio sine qua non.

Industry structure

Companies comprising Slovenian metal industry are involved into three main activities: metalworking, machine building and transport equipment. The latter is most strongly represented by entities operating in automotive field. In the group of most important companies in the metalworking area there are UNIOR d.d., TRIMO d.d., KOVINOPLASTIKA d.d., IMPOL d.d., being leaders of production of hand tools, forged articles, metal constructions and stainless steel products. Among the biggest companies in the machine building sector we find ADK d.o.o., GKN DRIVELINE d.o.o., LITOSTROJ E.I. d.o.o., HIDRIA IMP KLIMA d.o.o., producing lorry cranes, constant velocity joints, turbines, air distribution systems.

Automotive industry suppliers are a big and growing group of companies. Complying with the requirements of highest international standards they produce components, assembleys, sub-assembleys and systems as renowned suppliers to the world’s leading groups in automotive sector. Top companies are: REVOZ d.d., CIMOS d.d., ADRIA MOBIL d.o.o., TPV d.d., TBP d.d. manufacturing passenger cars, pedals’ systems, motorhomes, bowden cables.

The main body of metal processing industry consists of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) which operate mostly international - be it as producers of their own final products or manufacturing parts and components for other industries.

Metal Processing Industry Association

Metal Processing Industry Association operates within the boundaries of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It represents its members’ interests towards governmental and other institutions in Slovenia and abroad.

It is a member of several international organisations (ORGALIME - European association representing engineering industries; ISTMA - world organisation of tool makers; CETOP - fluid power association; EUROSAFE; ECCS - steel construction association). Metal Processing Industry Association promotes the principles of innovation-friendly environment, lifelong learning; it deals with legislation (technical and environmental) issues; association facilitates and supports trade and promotion of its members, particularly when entering new markets.