Medical Electronics Industry in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia

Electronics Technical ArticlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2012

The following article presents the results of an extensive survey organized by South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market (SEEIM) magazine with manufacturers of medical electronics (including dental, laboratory and cosmetic devices) in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. The purpose of the survey was to outline the current status of the medical electronics industry, as well as the prospects for the development of the sector in the region. The survey examines OEM companies, reviewing regional developers and manufacturers of medical electronics and major EMS subcontractors, providing medical electronics manufacturing services in the region.

The survey results point out that 35% of the respondents are equipped with automatic machines or assembly lines, 39% have semi-automatic assembly equipment, and 57% perform manual assembly too. The most widely used testing procedure is functional test (at 96% of respondents), followed by optical inspection (38%), in-circuit testing (34, 6%) and automatic optical inspection (23%). Only one of the participating in the survey companies is carrying out X-ray inspection.

Regarding the main supply channels for components and materials 76% of respondents use local distributors, 73% bye them directly from foreign distributors and 46% turn to local branches or representatives of foreign distributors.

The majority of manufacturers believe that medical electronics manufacture in SEE countries will develop, driven mainly by local OEM companies (46%) or by facilities of foreign companies (38%).

Adjarov Technology
Bulgarian company Adjarov Technology is specialized in production of water deionizers and sends filters. Its scope of activity also includes automation and control of industrial processes.

AMET is a Bulgarian company specialized in development, manufacturing and distribution of electronic medical equipment and modules, mechanical parts and units. Its major product AMETOM is the first product line in Bulgaria developed and manufactured in accordance with the EU 93/42/EWG (Apendix II) directive for medical equipment production and is given CE-mark by the certifying authority. The products from the AMETOM series of AMET are modern high-frequency electrosurgical devices, economical, versatile and with a high degree of safety for medical staff and patients.

Asti 92
Asti 92 is a Bulgarian manufacturer of professional cosmetic electronic devices. Its product range includes devices for biostimulation of dermatological, neurological, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases as Vitaderm-K, TMV2000A, Epilaks TME2000A, Yonoter TMI2000A, Stimbodi TMS2002B, Unipil TMU2000A, etc.

Avtomatika Georgiev
The Bulgarian company Avtomatika Georgiev is a manufacturer of bactericidal lamps for disinfecting of operating rooms, bio-laboratories, dental offices, etc.

Bovie-Bulgaria was established in 1998. The company is specialized in development, production and service of electrosurgical units, transformers and modules for electrosurgical units.

Bulgarian company Centillion is a manufacturer of advanced electronic modules in the field of medicine, systems for control and monitoring, optics, telecommunication and industry. Centillion works for customers who create unique high technology products - active implantable hearing systems; electromedical prostheses and devices for rehabilitation and electrostimulation.
Currently company has 2 fully automated SMD assembly lines, automatic line for selective soldering of Through Hole components, automatic optical inspection (AOI) machine. Its scope of activity also includes installation of modules and products in a dust-free work environment (clean rooms) - ISO Class 7 (10000); Burn-In and Run-In tests; functional test and programming of products, etc. At the beginning of 2013 Centillion will open new modern production and administrative building.

Comet Electronics
Bulgarian company Comet Electronics offers PCB design, bare PCBs and PCB assembly services, SMD and TH assembly of circuit boards. The company is a major distributor of electronic components from over 50 world known manufacturers and distributors, with large domestic warehouse and commercial activitis in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

Bulgarian company ELO is specialized in design and manufacture of electronics and microprocessors devices in the field of medical systems, control of manufacturing processes; back-up power supplies, security and fire alarm systems; non-standard, scientific and stand equipment.

Bulgarian company E-M-A is active in the field of specialised investigation, design and production of complete items and systems applied in medicine, industry and consumer electronics. It carries out the design of items and secures supply of needed materials - electronic components, plastic material, mechanical parts etc.

Integrated Micro-Electronics (IMI) Bulgaria
Integrated Micro-Electronics Bulgaria is a part of Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI), which has manufacturing facilities and engineering/design centers in Asia (China, Philippines, and Singapore), North America (U.S.A. and Mexico) and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and the Czech Republic). The company has capabilities for low-volume/high-mix (LVHM) and high-volume/low-mix (HVLM) manufacturing. IMI is a vertically-integrated provider of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and power semiconductor assembly and test services.

Jena Medical
Serbian company Jena Medical manufactures a wide range of advanced digital physical therapy equipment. According to the unit’s functionality, they can be divided into 5 groups: laser biostimulation units; ultrasound therapy units; electrotherapy units (built-in diagnostic function); PMF (pulsed magnetic field) therapy units; vacuum therapy units and combined devices.

Bulgarian manufacturer Kentamed is specialized in development, service and maintenance of medical electronic equipment. It produces electrosurgery and radiofrequency surgery equipment and accessories for use in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. In recent years the company has successfully stepped up to international markets and has established itself as a brand name in more than 30 countries around the world. Kentamed production base is located in Plovdiv

LMB Soft
The main activity of the Serbian company LMB Soft is production of devices for blood bank technology and provision of services for the collecting, processing and blood transfusion in the field of medicine. LMB Soft exports 95 % of its production and is presented in over then 32 countries worldwide. In 2011 the company installed the first complete solution for separation of whole blood and closed a gap to offer full transfusion center automation. Today Lmb SOFT’s range of products comprises software for the donation of blood, filtration, separation, irradiation, storage and transport to offer a global solution. Devices are completely developed by own R&D department. Company is located in Nis, Serbia and exists form 2001.

Bulgarian company Marcon is specialized in design, development and manufacture of medical gas systems, electric systems for monitoring and control of medical gas systems, hospital equipment, oxygen therapy and aspiration, nurse call systems, oxygen concentrators.

MED Romania
MED Romania is manufacturing a wide range of high-quality UV air and surfaces disinfection devices specially designed to purify any area presenting a high risk of airborne bacteria and disease. Its products have been safely operating in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, doctors’ offices, commercial buildings, food processing plants and residences throughout the world, any place a concern for clean air exists. All UV disinfection units are manufactured under a patented principle (RO Invention no: 118844) that uses energy concentration on ellipsoidal mirror’s principle basis.

Company activity is oriented to design, manufacture and after sales service of dental units and dental equipment; dental laboratory equipment (workbenches, extraction units, lighting fixtures, etc); dental units. The company has at its own manufacturing and testing equipment, manufacturing facilities and highly qualified staff. The products, manufactured by Micromotor are in conformity with the relevant European Standards and Directives, such as ISO 9001-2008; ISO 13485-2003; Directive 93/42/EEC. Micromotor products are well accepted at the Bulgarian market as well as Balkan countries, the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Ukraine, Morocco, India, South Korea and Dubai.

Serbian company Proxima develops, produces and sells electromedical devices for physical therapy and rehabilitation, electrosurgery, ortopedy, reactiometers and cosmetology. It has been operating for over 15 years and covers the Serbian and the ex-YU republics markets. It has 15 employees, most of them with university degree (electronics, IT or civil engineers). Proxima’s product range includes electromedical devices for the therapy with electricity, laser and magnet therapy, ultra sound and  vacuum therapy, electromedical devices for electrosurgery, combined electromedical devices, reaction measuring devices, etc.

Rommtech-3S is a Dutch- Bulgarian joint venture created on 17 may 2007 by Rommens Instrumenten-en Apparatenbouw B.V. and Security Smart Systems Ltd. Both companies have more than 15 years experience in developing and manufacturing electronics and electromechanical products. The company works under ISO 9001:2008 and IPC-A-610 quality standards. Rommtech-3S is situated in Vratza, Bulgaria. Company occupies a total own area of 12 000 square meters, among which the building estate is 4000 sq. m. including production premises and offices. Production activity includes electronic and electromechanical products, injection molded plastic details, metal sheet processing and cable looms. Its technological equipment includes stencil printer; stencil frame; transporters; pick and place machines; reflow oven; lead free wave soldering machine with nitrogen tunnel; selective wave soldering machine, etc.

Saturn Engineering
Saturn Engineering is an electronic manufacturing service provider from Bulgaria focused on delivering complete and customized solutions for OEM customers. The company provides innovative engineering design, product development and contract manufacturing in a broad range of fields including industrial, medical, dental and consumer. Since its establishment in 1998, Saturn has become a successful extension to the engineering teams of many companies helping them to increase their profit and significantly reduce the time-to-market and the development and manufacturing cost. Scope of business interests: industrial induction heating power supplies for a variety applications - heat treatment of details, annealing, hardening; brazing, casting, crystal growing etc.; induction casting systems for dental labs, jewelry industry and materials research; engineering design, product development and contract manufacturing; OEM services and product manufacturing.

Sentera Thracia
Sentera Thracia is a manufacturer of controls for the HVACR industry. More specific, it is specialized in the speed control of electric motors of fans and/or pumps. Subcontracting services of the company includes a complete printed circuit assembly service. Sentera Thracia is fully equipped to assemble conventional (through hole) and surface mount (SMT) components and also a combination of both technologies. From prototypes to medium volume orders, Sentera provides assembly services for any company needing printed circuit boards.

Sharps Terminator Group
The Sharps Terminator Group operates in several business segments. One of its products is needle destroyer Sharps Terminator, intended for use by health care professionals in treatment settings, clinical laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices etc. Sharps Terminator is designed to destroy a wide variety of stainless steel and aluminum needle types. The manufacturer Boci Co produces it out of the custom made plastic, metals and electronics  developed by its engineers. The factory fully complies with the safety standards and the quality control system assures the customers of the high quality of the product. The exclusive distributor of the Sharps Terminator headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia, NIKI is developing the distribution network and sales channels.

Bulgarian company Shoumel-M is developing and manufacturing medical equipment and electronic devices. The medical equipment is intended for physiotherapy, cosmetic treatment, electro-surgery, ECG monitoring, etc. The functions of the medical devices are based on the healing and cosmetic procedures with low-frequency, diadynamic, low- and high- frequency currents, ozoned steam, iontophoresis, brush-massage, vacuum massage, oxygen, high-frequency electrocoagulation, and others. The company is manufacturing also medical & beauty care furniture: examination, massage, and therapy couches, dialysis and gynaecological chairs, manipulation and delivery beds, instrument carts, etc. The company works on the D&D projects in cooperation with leading scientific institutes in the country such as TU of Sofia and Varna, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Medical Academy of Plovdiv, and others. The integrated quality management systems of SHOUMEL-M is in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003.

Tehnoplus Medical
Tehnoplus Medical is a Romanian manufacturer of bed head units for I.C.U., ceiling pendants for operating theatres; scrub sinks for surgical hands washing; assemblies for new born washing; medical air plants; medical vacuum plants; medical gas pipeline systems; accessories for medical gases, etc. Its production facility is located in Bucharest and takes over 1000 square meters.

Tokmet is a Bulgarian manufacturer of dental lab equipment. Its main product is a vacuum porcelain furnace used in dental labs in 17 different countries. Tokmet also manufactures burnout ovens and casting machines.

Tremol SMD
Tremol SMD is a Bulgarian contract electronic manufacturer founded as a part of Tremol Group Bulgaria. The company has its own building with 1500 m2 production site and additional PTH manual assembly division in the town of Svishtov. Currently in the company are working more than 150 employees. Processes implemented are SMT, THT Wave, manual soldering and assembly, AOI, flying probe ICT, functional testing, tampon printing, conformal coating etc. The division structure and facilities are designed and built regarding the requirements of the electronic standards, respecting the implemented quality system ISO 9001 and IPC standards. Tremol SMD covers the whole production and assembly process as: SMD and PTH assembly, functional control, manual assembly, design and development of modules, design and production of moulds for plastic injection, plastics parts injection, design and production of test equipment.

Bulgarian company Vecatech is specialized in the design, production and assembly of electronic modules. Its technological equipment includes SMD line, automatic optical inspection, lead and lead free wave soldering, cable harness line, varnishing and labeling machines, tool equipment.

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