Mechatronics, Ruslan Volkovitzkiy: Taiwanese products are distinguished by high quality and reliability

Automation & RoboticsInterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2019 • 20.03.2019

Mechatronics, Ruslan Volkovitzkiy: Taiwanese products are distinguished by high quality and reliability

Ruslan Volkovitzkiy, Manager of Mechatronics,

for South-East European Industrial Market magazine


Which Taiwanese manufacturers are part of your company’s partner network, how long have you been cooperating and which of their products do you offer on the Bulgarian market?

Our team has been offering Delta Electronics products on the Bulgarian market for 12 years. The portfolio we supply includes: programmable logic controllers, operator panels, frequency inverters, servo drives and motors, thermo regulators, pulse power supplies, machine vision solutions, industrial Ethernet products and sensors. Since the beginning of 2019 we also offer robots - SCARA and anthropomorphic.

The second Taiwanese company, Li Ming, is one of the leading Asian manufacturers of precise gearboxes: planetary, cycloidal, wave, etc. The latter is the manufacturer of push buttons Moujen. The quality of Moujen’s products rivals the most renowned brands on the market, but their price is better. Many customers are already familiar with their values.


What are the advantages of the products and technologies made in Taiwan and how are they positioned in the competitive Bulgarian market?

The products manufactured by the Taiwanese companies we represent are characterized by high quality and low prices in comparison to similar product offers on the market.
The interest of our customers has been constantly growing through the years.

Our sales of such products in Bulgaria increase notably every year. Accordingly, the growth of machine building in Bulgaria is increasingly demanding such solutions. Traditionally, Taiwanese production is distinguished by its high quality and high reliability.


What are your impressions of the collaboration with your Taiwanese partners?

We are very grateful to our partners from Taiwan as they are very responsive and prompt when we need their help. At the same time, they encourage us to keep our standards high, because they continuously develop and market new products. This motivates us to maintain our qualification to keep up with the innovations and trends.