Manufacturers about their business opportunities in the EU

BusinessSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2007

The significant success is still to come

From my point of view we have long being working professionally for EU integration. Without being over expectant the moods are tuned to positive changes. Our engineers and designers are highly qualified and the labor cost is still very low. We are an attractive location to EU companies for development and production. It is a fact that large companies invest huge money in development and our small resources destine us to be ever catching up especially in the field of high technologies. But there is place for anyone, who is working professionally and with responsibility in EU. Delta Instrument has being integrating itself successfully in the market for about 10 years and exports its products to EU and outside it. We are convinced that the significant success of the leading Bulgarian companies is still to come ahead.

Eng. Mihail Mihailov, Manager of Delta Instrument

At present I do not recommend participation in projects

The main benefits of our EU membership are the removal of customs and the transportation relieves. The participation in funding projects is full of corruption surprises and I do not recommend it to people without experience in this Balkan-like practice. And since there is nothing like free lunches I dot see any sense in these projects (at least at this stage and this type of organization.

Eng. Vladimir Sakaliiski, Manager of Comeco

Let us be de facto European citizens

We will try to increase the opportunities for contacts with EU companies for common activities. It is our wish to be European citizens not only de jure but de facto as well. We want to be treated as equals.

Eng. Petar Todorov, Manager of Vector 1 – Plovdiv

Bulgarian specialists are in no way inferior to their western colleagues

Not a single up-to-date Bulgarian I&C product is worse than its western analogs. Currently the Bulgarian specialists use the same facilities as their colleagues in leading European countries, USA and Canada do. The opportunities of the Bulgarian specialists are not worse than the opportunities of the specialists in the said countries and in some respects are even better. The achievements of our specialists in the I&C field are a good example to this end.

Eng. Lidia Stoianova Boseva, partner in Thermo Electronic

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