Manufacture of Pulp, Paper and Cardboard, Paper Products, Publishing, Printing and Reproduction of Recorded Media in Croatia

IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2006

Croatian Chamber of Economy,
Industry and Technology Department

The paper manufacturing, printing and publishing industry in Croatia, as part of the manufacturing industry, includes the production of pulp and paper, paper processing, publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media. The manufacture and processing of paper, and publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media accounted for 10.25% of GDP generated by the manufacturing industry in 2005.

Employment Figures

The manufacture and processing of paper, publishing and printing employ 5.83% of total workforce in the Croatian manufacturing industry (2005).

Privatisation and Restructuring

Privatisation has been completed in all of the companies belonging to the DE section of industry. Relatively low capacity utilisation poses major problems for the paper manufacturing, printing and publishing industry, creating numerous tasks that managements and employees must get to grips with.

Many companies are superbly equipped with machinery. As an example, reproduction photography and typography have fully switched over to computer processing, using all kinds of digital scanners, digital cameras, Macintosh computers and PCs. All companies have either partially or completely installed digital printing equipment, whether for test or final prints. Some have introduced computer-to-plate and computer- to-print technologies. Numerous newly established companies have sharply increased competition, which is resulting in higher quality. Growing interest by foreign investors has also been noticed, which is creating both new ownership structure and strategic partnerships.

Quality Management

According to figures from the Croatian Society for Quality, 35 Croatian companies were certified to OHSAS 18001 by October 2006. Additionally, 163 companies were certified to ISO 14001, 1478 companies to ISO 9001, and one company to SA 8001. Thus far, an analysis of the printing and processing industry shows that one company has been certified to OHSAS 18001, six companies to ISO 14001, 30 companies to ISO 9001, and one company to SA 8001.

The sector comprises
the manufacture of:
• wood pulp and cellulose;
• graphic paper and paperboard;
• other uncoated paper and paperboard;
• corrugated paper and paperboard;
• cartons, boxes and cases of corrugated paper or paperboard;
• sacks and bags of paper;
• folding cartons, boxes and cases of paper or paperboard;
• other cartons, boxes and cases;
• household, sanitary or toilet articles of paper;
• envelopes of paper or paperboard;
• printed, embossed or perforated paper;
• labels, other paper and paperboard products;
• cigarette filter-tips;
• newspapers and magazines appearing at least more than four times a week;
• business (commercial) products;
• other printed matter nec.;
• forms, notebooks and account books;
• books and brochures;
• newspapers and magazines appearing less than four times a week;
• other printed products;
• printed products directly onto materials other than paper and textiles.