Manufacture of measurement and control equipment in Romania

BusinessSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2008

Romania has long-standing traditions in measurement and control equipment manufacturing. Well-known companies like Automatica, FEA and CAOM have been operated on the domestic and foreign markets for many years. After the political changes in the country a lot of multinational companies have become more active on the Romanian market. The measurement and control equipment industrial sector has benefited from foreign investments made by Contor Group, Honeywell, Siemens, Kuhnke and other companies mentioned below.

We present information about few of the main Romanian producers of measurement and control equipment and their foreign partners.


Automatica is a traditional Romanian producer specialized in production of measuring and control equipment for industrial processes. Based in Bucharest company was fully privatized in 2000 with main shareholder is EUROFORM MILENIUM Company. Since 2002 it has been a technology partner of the German giant Siemens, taking over the production rights for multifunctional electric panels for their German partners.

Automatica currently produces low voltage electrical equipment (SIVACON universal switchboards SIEMENS license), medium voltage electrical equipment; complex automation equipment and systems; industrial weighing and batching (industrial dosing) equipment; industrial electronic equipment; metal constructions, etc.

Badotherm AMC

Badotherm is one of the leading Romanian manufacturers of high-quality mechanical process instrumentation, based in Vaslui, Eastern Romania. The State Government founded the company in 1978 under the name “Intreprinderea de Aparate de Masura si Control - AMC”. In 2000 the Romanian factory was fully integrated into the Badotherm Group, Netherlands. The facility is equipped with a chemical laboratory and has official government approval for metrological testing at the highest accuracy levels. Company’s product range includes thermometers, faucets, and car thermostats and also hydro-separators. Badotherm offers products and solutions for a wide range of industries, e.g. chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and oil & gas, both on and offshore. Badotherm’s customers are predominantly international companies with operations all over the world. The Badotherm regional centers are a solid base that underpins and supports its global network; with headquarters in the Netherlands, production facilities in the Netherlands, Romania and India, and service facilities in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Dubai and the USA. The company is trying to expand its markets in Asia, mainly in Kazahstan and Turkmenistan.


CAOM is a private owned company located in Pascani, Eastern Romania. It was established in 1993 having the design and manufacture of equipment for the measurement, adjustment and control of industrial processing parameters as its main business activity. The company owns authorized laboratories for electrical, thermal and mechanical measurements. CAOM is currently manufacturing and supplying thermocouples; resistance temperature detectors (RTDs); extension/compensation cables for thermocouples; electronic transmitters for (RTDs); electronic pressure transducers (for relative and absolute pressure); valves/taps and batteries of taps for devices for measurement and control; closing taps/valves for high operation temperatures and pressures, gaskets for cables and pipes; etc.

The company exports are mainly targeting the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain and France.

Contor Group

Contor Group company from the town of Arad, produces water meters and heating meters, exported mainly to the Balkan countries and also to Germany and Hungary.

Contor Group was established as Contor Zenner, in 1993, when it started the production activity. In 1994, it was started the extension of the production facilities, by setting up an integrated technological flux and by creating the first technical office. A year later, the investments are focused on the diversification of the range of counters and the creation of the foundry sector. Know-how was transferred from one of the most famous Italian brass foundry (Simonfond). In 1998, the majority stake in SC Optiplast is bought from the FPP (Private Ownership Fund) and FPS (State Ownership Fund), and the most modern factory of counters in Central and Eastern Europe was built on the land. By taking over the whole stake, in 2004, the Arad-based company acquires the status of independent global player, and a year later, the Contor Group launches itself as a new supplier in the German Community market.


FEA is a private joint stock company, located in Bucharest. FEA is a member of the Romenergo Group and a major player in the group’s industrial development. The producer exports complex equipment and weighing machines to countries in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Hungary and many others. Electronic and automation equipment manufactured by FEA S.A. includes low voltage distribution panels; complex automation and control equipment; analog electronic instruments; electronic weighting systems; single and double-sided path printed circuit boards, electronic circuits assemblies; metallic constructions for automation equipment and electronic circuits, such as cabinets, control panels, boxes, racks, desks and frames.


American industrial giant Honeywell started its activity in Romania by providing control systems for industrial processes. The group entered the Romanian market first time in 1997, when its transportation systems division took over the turbo-blowers (a product used on car diesel engines) plant in Bucharest. Honeywell owns about 48% of the global market for turbo-blowers. Honeywell Garrett SRL, which exports its entire production to other units of the group, runs the Bucharest facility. It has over 400 employees. The American consortium also owns an automation and control systems factory in the town of Lugoj, Timis country in West Romania. Novar Electric Romania SRL runs the plant. The Lugoj plant is to be coordinated by Honeywell Romania SRL, the group’s automation and control systems unit that so far has had a presence in Romania only through sales structures.

Kuhnke Automation

Kuhnke is a family owned group of companies with manufacturing sites in Germany, Italy, France and Romania. Kuhnke Automation Romania is located in city of Sibiu, an important industrial center of the country. Company’s activity includes production of electronics, linear, bistable and rotary solenoids, pneumatic components, relays and assembly of electronics circuits.

Kuhnke specializes in three specific market sectors worldwide. Kuhnke Automotive products include actuation, locking and holding solenoids, pneumatic valves, electronic controllers and linear distance sensors for use in cars. Kuhnke Medical technology focuses on micro-pneumatics, intelligent mechatronics and control systems. Kuhnke Automation products include modular controls and positioning technology, networking and communication devices as well as many thousands of standard catalogue products.


Another company presented on the Romanian measurement and control equipment market is Siemens Romania. Siemens has started its operations in Romania about 100 years ago being involved mainly in Information & Communication, Automation and Control, Power, Transportation, Medical and Lighting field. The equipment produced in Bucharest’s factory is used for measuring pressure, temperature, flows or for analyzing gas. Company offers its customers complete solutions for all emission measurements, for process measurements and other similar applications in industry.


Tehnosoft is a Swiss-Romanian joint venture specialized in production of controls for electric motors. The manufacturer is located in the capital Bucharest.

The company’s production and development section is located in Romania, while its sales offices are in Switzerland. Almost all of production is exported to Europe, the United States and Asia.