Machining centers market in South-Eastern Europe

IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2005

By this article, we are trying to resume the opinions of Bulgarian specialists working in the field of machine building, concerning current conditions and perspectives in development of machining centers market in the SEE region.

In the present conditions of economical stabilization in Bulgaria, the demand of machining centers is marking a gradual trend of increase. Specialists in this sector maintain that more and more companies are interested in buying new machining centers. The number of suppliers of that sort of equipment is rising, too. The machining centers available in SEE countries are quite different regards to their technical condition. Old machines are still in use in developing countries, such as Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia & Montenegro, but as previously mentioned, there has been an increasing trend of buying new machining centers. According to experts, these new machines work at a high technical level in mechanical aspect and are equipped with the most modern digital control systems – FANUC Oi-MC, FANUC 18I-MB, Heidenhain TNC 530I etc.

Most of Bulgarian specialists, consider that there are certain perspectives for development of this market in the next few years, including gradually increasing demand and supply in view of enlarging the production capacity and quality in those companies, which are using machining centers.

Nowadays, according to specialists, Turkey has the optimum business conditions in the SEE region, due to its fast growing economy and the increasing number of orders from EU companies with ability to buy modern machining centers.

Because of the forthcoming association with the EU, Bulgaria and Romania are offering acceptable business conditions, too.

The consumption of machining centers in Bulgaria is growing, although it happens comparatively slowly. More companies can afford to buy such kind of equipment, which is a good opportunity for development in this sector. Some of the reasons are the growing confidence of the foreign companies in Bulgarian manufacturers, assignment of contracts for producing various parts by means of machining centers and the availability of qualified specialists in the country.

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