Machine tools market in Romania

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The machine tools market in Romania is a dynamically developing sector which constitutes an important pillar of the country’s economy. The industrial manufacturing sector consists mainly of: automotive OEM and components; heavy machinery and machine tools; chemical production, including plastic, paints and varnishes, glass, cement etc.; mining and aggregates; agricultural machinery; oil and drilling equipment manufacturing; naval, aviation and defence; furniture, home appliances, white goods; metal casting, etc.


A recent report “Romania: opportunities in the dynamic industrial sector” by the Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) – a Swiss investment promotion agency on behalf of the Swiss Confederation, shows that the local gross industrial output grew by 8,2% in 2017 compared to previous year, mainly due to increases in industrial manufacturing (+8,9%) and mining and quarrying (+5,9%).

“In December 2017 (versus December 2016) Romania registered, with 13,5%, its highest ever increase in industrial production, compared to the 4,8% average in the EU28. The sector benefits from ongoing foreign investments, M&A interest from foreign players, an educated and productive labour force, and a long tradition of industrial manufacturing, plastics production, metalworking and casting”, the research further adds.

Statistics show that Romanian industrial sales rose with 10,4% in the first six months of 2017. In 2016 the country’s industrial sales increased by 4,7%. Romanian industrial production registered the highest growth in the EU in May 2017 compared to May 2016 - 15,3%.

One of the leading sectors in the country is automotive manufacturing. “Romania is an attractive market for foreign OEMs - Ford and Renault already manufacturing in Romania, as well as automotive suppliers. Continental, Michelin, Autoliv, Takata, Schaeffler, Johnson Controls, Pirelli, Delphi, TRW Automotive, Leoni, Draxlmaier, Yazaki, Daimler, etc. have established manufacturing facilities in the country”, the data published by S-GE also shows.

Due to current developments Romanian industrial players are looking for modern technologies and precision tooling, special materials and machinery. Many of them regularly visit industrial trade fairs, such as the Hannover Messe, in order to identify suitable suppliers, the agency explains.


Trends and opportunities on the machine tools market

As a basis for the current situation on the machine tools market in the country we shall review the report “Market entry services to emerging Europe” by the Romanian FRD Center. The FRD Center is constantly monitoring the development of the machine tools market in Romania, facilitating access of potential foreign exporters and strategic investors to the local companies’ decision makers.

According to the information published in the report, the Romanian imports of machining centres, unit construction machines (single station) and multi-station transfer machines, for working metal (TARIC 8457) have registered USD 87,5 mln in 2017, which is up by 62,1% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the imports of machine tools, including presses for working metal by forging, hammering or die-stamping, machine tools, including presses, for working metal by bending, folding, straightening, flattening, shearing, punching or notching, presses for working metal or metal carbides (TARIC 8462) have recorded USD 70,4 mln in 2017, which according to the FRD Center analysis represents an increase of 51,1% compared to 2016.

The Romanian industrial manufacturing sector presents numerous opportunities for foreign suppliers of machinery, precision tools, CNC, special materials, machine-tools, industrial chemicals, tooling etc., the report points out. Romania is currently among the most dynamic large markets in the EU. “With a GDP growth of 4,8%-5,6%, comparable only to Ireland, which is 4 times smaller, Romania might seem and truly is a good market for foreign and locally manufactured products, as well as a good production base”, the FRD Center further adds.

Romanian industrial production registered the highest growth in the EU in May 2017: 14,6%. Industrial production in Romania grew by 5,4% in the first four months of 2017 compared to the same period the previous year. “The Romanian manufacturing sector continues its double-digit expansion. In Q1 2017 compared to Q1 2016, the new manufacturing orders in Romania increased by 12,7% due to the rises recorded for: consumer durables: +20,4%; intermediate goods +18 %; capital goods +10,9%; consumer non-durables +3,8%”, published data also shows.

In 2016 the Romanian imports of TARIC 8458 lathes (including turning centres) for removing metal registered some EUR 41,5 mln. According to the FRD Center analysis, in 2015 vs. 2014, the imports of TARIC 8458 went up with 28,4%. In 2016 the Romanian imports of machine tools for drilling, boring, milling, threading or tapping by removing metal, other than lathes (including turning centres) TARIC 8459 registered EUR 30 mln. In 2015 vs. 2014, the imports of TARIC 8459 went up with 87,2%, the analysis further shows.


Imports of metalworking machine tools in Romania

In 2016 the Romanian imports of industrial robots (TARIC 847950) reached EUR 42,5 mln. According to the FRD Center, this represents a growth of 31,2%, after registering a growth of 98,3% the previous year. Some of the largest machine tools importer-distributors in Romania are: GravoLAB CNC, Mafcom, Inmaacro, Mazarom, Proma Machinery, Knuth Machine Tools Romania, Leadertech Consulting, Allmetech Tools & Machines, Rocast and Vigra. The FRD Center analysis, based on official data, shows that in 2016 their cumulated sales figure exceeded EUR 40 mln. In the following section of the article we publish a short presentation of each company as the FRD Center included them in its recent “Imports of metalworking machine tools in Romania” report.



GravoLAB CNC is the official representative of Leadwell in Romania. Set up in 2004, it is an importer and distributor of CNC machine tools. In its portfolio there are vertical milling centres for serial machining, matrix processing; large vertical milling centres, double column machines; heavy machinery; high speed turning centres, high precision machining. In 2016, their turnover reached EUR 1,6 mln, which according to the FRD Center analysis is 35% higher than in 2015.

Their pre- and post-sales services include: advice on choosing the right equipment; supply of machinery on a contractual basis; installation of machinery, commissioning; fitting with accessories; training for qualified/unqualified CNC staff.



Established in 1993, Mafcom (Cluj Napoca) supplies welding equipment and materials, materials and products for industrial manufacturing and constructions, various tools and fixtures, copper, brass and aluminium sheets and profiles, machine tools, electric materials and tools etc. Their portfolio currently numbers over 15 000 items and they are selling also wholesale. In 2016 their turnover reached EUR 4,6 mln, a decrease by 5% compared to 2015, according to the FRD Center analysis.



Inmaacro set up in 1996 as Industrial Utilajimpex SRL, is the technical and commercial representative on the Romanian market of various German, Swiss, Dutch, Italian and Taiwanese producers of machine tools, measuring and control machines, cutting tools, accessories and software. The company imports and sells a wide range of measuring and control machines, machine tools, cutting tools, accessories, work piece clamping devices and fixtures, providing the complete technical support throughout the whole production process and project. In 2016 their turnover reached almost EUR 8 mln, which according to the FRD Center analysis is 38% higher than in 2015.

Brands of machine tools in their portfolio include: Akira Seiki, TBT, Index, Traub, Style High Tech, Extrude Hone, Blohm, EWAG, K. Jung, Walter, Studer Mikrosa, Fritz Studer, Studer Schaudt, Carl Zeiss, Dr.Schneider Messtechnik, Marposs, Zoller, Arno, Dihart, JEL, Komet, Walter Dunner, Schunk, Bruckner, Extramet, Seinro-Ionbond.


Mazarom Impex

Mazarom Impex is an an importer and distributor of machine tools and the Yamazaki Mazak representative in Romania. Other suppliers include Sartorious Werkzeuge, Dormer Pramet, Bahco, Nikken, Saacke Group and LNS Group from Switzerland.

Mazarom was set up in 1992. In 2016 their turnover reached EUR 1,7 mln, which according to the FRD Center analysis is 6% higher than in 2015. They also provide consulting services regarding the correct choice of machine tools, of the choice of cutting tools and cutting arrangements; services related to NC programming; installation services for Mazak machines; warranty and post-warranty service of Mazak CNC machine tools; operator training services in the field of programming, operation and maintenance of CNC Mazak machine tools, etc.


Proma Machinery

Founded in 2006 at the initiative of the Czech group Proma-Group, Proma Machinery is a well-known importer-distributor active on the Romanian machine tools market, for the metalworkers and the woodworking entrepreneurs.

Proma Machinery currently sells the Proma machine tools and is also representing at national level strong international suppliers with leading brands: Ferri-Italy, Garboli-Italy, Gbc Industrial Tools-Italy, Nko-Czechia, Bri-Svarc-Czechia, Tapco-USA, Nargesa-Spain, ZMM-Bulgaria, Arsenal-Bulgaria, totalling some 3900 unique items in their portfolio.
In 2016 the company’s turnover reached over EUR 2,4 mln. Proma Machinery presented at the Metal Show 2017 the newest range of products included in its portfolio: DENER and PILOUS.


Knuth Machine Tools Romania

Knuth Machine Tools Romania is an important distributor of Knuth machine tools for laser cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting, of vertical and horizontal lathes, of CNC production machinery, heavy-duty lathes, turning / milling machines and various other machine tools for drilling, milling, sawing, grinding, sheet metalworking etc.
The Romanian operations were set up in 2010. In 2016 their turnover reached EUR 1,6 mln, which according to the FRD Center analysis is 7% higher than in 2015.


Leadertech Consulting

Leadertech Consulting was founded in 2006 with the aim of providing modern technological solutions for companies in Romania active in the sheet-metal processing and mechanical works. For the entire production equipment portfolio the company provides technical consultancy upon acquisition and start-up, personnel training as well as warranty and post-warranty period service, they provide fully customized equipment and solutions upon request.

They import and distribute machine tools such as hydraulic CNC press brakes, CNC punch presses, laser cutting and plasma cutting machines, folding machines, tube bending and tube punching machine tools, horizontal and vertical CNC lathes, 5-axis machining centres, universal lathes, big bore CNC lathes, etc.

In 2016, their turnover reached EUR 2,4 mln, a decrease by 17% compared to 2015, according to the FRD Center analysis. Brands of machine tools in their portfolio include: Hwacheon, Rais, ZMM, Durma, Variobend, Uzma, Dirinler, etc.


Allmetech Tools & Machines

Set up in 2004, Allmetech Tools & Machines is a provider of complete and integrated technical solutions in the machine tool sector in Romania. In 2016, their turnover reached EUR 1,1 mln. Their CNC machine tools offer includes 3-axis CNC vertical milling centres, 2-axis CNC turning machines and live tools, 5-axis vertical milling centres, 4-axis CNC horizontal machining centre, 5-axis CNC horizontal milling/turning centre, CNC turning machines with two turrets and two universals – Hyperturn and many others.
In their suppliers list are manufacturers such as Roders HSC, Sunnen, EMCO Group, Takumi, Heller, Hurco.



Rocast is a Romanian importer, distributor and wholesaler of various types of machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, as well as of welding equipment, hand tools, compressors, materials for electrical installations, DIY, fixtures, fasteners etc.

More than 70 000 different items in stock, worth over EUR 8 mln, can be delivered within 24 hours in any location in the country, the company claims. The distribution of Rocast products is done using own catalogues. Rocast has a 72 sales-agents distribution network, covering Bucharest and all counties in Romania. In 2016 their turnover reached over EUR 11 mln, which according to the FRD Center analysis is 29% higher than in 2015.

Some of the brands in their portfolio are Ruko, Promat, NW, Volkel, Beck, BMI, MIB, LSR, Rhodius, Osborn, WGB, Orbis, USH, Stannol, Ersa, Flex, Bosch, Benning, Quilosa, HSK, Stahl, Ranit, Engel, Quantum, Optimum, Unicraft, Aircraft etc.



Established in 1994, Vigra is an importer and distributor of machine tools which has established its reputation on the Romanian market through a team of professionals with a high degree of technical specialization, through the quality of the services offered and the high level technical consultancy, the FRD Center states.

Since the beginning, Vigra has built partnerships with world-renowned suppliers:
Sandvik Coromant – cutting tools; Henkel – adhesives, sealants, chemicals; Ingersoll Rand – pneumatic tools; FEIN – power tools; Bahco – hand tools; Plarad – controlled torque amplifiers, etc.

With a sales figure of almost EUR 5,8 mln in 2016, Vigra operates nationwide through 4 technical divisions: machine tools and measuring instruments; cutting tools; machines and equipment; industrial maintenance. Their clients benefit from specialized technical support, as the Vigra sales team is made up of specialized consultants, able to provide technical solutions and products in the entire spectrum of industrial processes, the FRD Center concludes.