LEM’s new HO 6, 10 and 25-P current transducers offer more flexible mounting in small packaging

Electronics NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2014

LEM has added three new members to its HO series of PCB-through-hole mounting current transducers, which provide an aperture of 8 x 8 mm to carry the primary conductor under measurement, extending the options for this form-factor.

The new models, for 6, 10 or 25 A nominal measurements of DC, AC, and pulsed signals benefit from the revised LEM Open-loop Hall-effect ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) introduced several months ago with the launch of the HO 8, 15 and 25-NP & -NSM models.

Using the latest LEM-developed ASIC, combined with Open-loop Hall-effect technology, the new devices meet the demand for high performance and quality at a lower cost. The HO 6, 10 and 25-P models’ offset and gain drift are twice as accurate (over the temperature range -25 to +85оC) as the previous generation.

A high level of insulation between primary and measurement circuits, due to the high clearance and creepage distances of more than 8mm and a CTI (comparative tracking index) of 600, allows a test isolation voltage of 4.3 kVRMS/50Hz/1min.

In addition, the HO xx-P series delivers better performance in other areas such as response time, power supply and noise, allowing the development of more technically advanced power electronics applications.